Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Yeah there’s a bug thread for this. It looks like the 1/1 special will probably be nerfed down.

Sorry guy’s, a question… His first minion isn’t supost to have 147 HP? 191 HP looks the 17% :thinking:

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His first minor is 1132x0.13=147(from special skill 1),then 147x1.3=191(from special skill 2)


But if the ability is in the order the card says first he summons minions for all, after that he boosts every minion, including his own.

I was just wondering… what if there are just two minions (frosth’s one and noor’s injured with 290/365) and he skills again, does he “heal” noor’s minion or resets it to the new higher hp?

How does he interact with misandra or ariels mana gain?

If ariel has her mana up it will stack same with misranda depending on hits.

Other stuff, Will work with minons hero’s well if there more paracite hero’s out there a way to push them out.


Does anyone know if his minion boosts stack with Freya’s? If so, this could be a huge gamechanger for bloody battle tournaments.

Do freya+120% and frosthe+30% minion attack boost stack?

Let calculate, Noor with emblem path for health can have up to 1605
Troop that increase most health is actually 3* attack troop that give +10% health, so Noor will have hp up to 1765.
When Noor use her skill (25%health) on any Winter Family hero with max family bonus (+10%health), the minion of that Winter Family hero will have hp 617 (35% of 1765).
If you use Frosth skill 2 times, the minion will have hp 617 → 802 → 1042 !!!

Moreover, if you use Blessing from Ninja tower to create more hp minion, there are 2 ways.

  1. Use +% health Blessing to in crease Noor’s hp. The maximum bless for health is +25%. Noor will have hp 2206(125% of 1765). Her minion on Winter Family hero with max family bonus will have hp 772. And Frosth will boost minion’s hp to 772 → 1003 → 1303 !!!
  2. Use +% Lantern minion instead of Noor minion. The maximum bless for Lantern minion is +30% with +15% health.
    2.1. The highest health of 5* Winter Family hero with emblem path for health is Mother North at hp 1757 (max for Krampus is 1692 and max for Santa Claus is 1696). With 3* attack troop, Mother North will have hp 1932. With +15% health from Bless, she will have hp 2221. Lantern minion on her (with max family bonus) will have hp 888 (40% of 2221). And Frosth will boost minion’s hp to 888 → 1154 → 1500 !!!
    2.2. The highest health of all 5* with emblem path for health is Horghall with costume bonus at hp 2001. With 3* attack troop, CB Horghall will have hp 2201. With +15% health from Bless, he will have hp 2531. Lantern minion on him will have hp 759 (30% of 2531). And Frosth will boost minion’s hp to 759 → 986 → 1281 !!!

It will be great if someone make it.


This is great stuff, completely giddy over this guy.

Massive minions, maybe work an overheal in there? Could be looking at 5000+HP per hero to contend with at full strength.

Guys no joke in my opinion this Frosth is far better than all think. And thats my 5cents why…

  1. His minions arent 13% and 15% but 16,9% and 19,5% because he buffs them already in his first round. Thats not far away from 20%
  2. His class is roque - Can help him alot as tank
  3. His passive skills are not bad at all

Yeah I would still prefer bera / Freya. But the difference to frosth is minimal. A very good HOTM that is way underestimated


Makes sense, since his buffing minions takes place after him summoning minions. In that case he’s closer to Freya. And there is that mana boost of his, which will make him even faster for subsequent turns.

Sadly the difference must be proportioned on their speed.

Freya not only summon a tankier minions, but also boost defence. Two skills that pair very well togheter.
Bera negate minions and deals DoT. They also go well togheter.

And do not forget the main reason why we see so many of them on tank position: they cut mana.
Without that realm bonus, i don’t think we would see so many of them in defence.

While Frosth resemble those 2 heroes, he miss a complementary skill on his minions that the other two have.

Minions heroes are meant for raid and mainly survive, so never on something competitive that require speed or dealing damage fast.

For that, i think as it is that it would appropriate for Frosth to be v. Fast.
In that case yes, he would be about on the same level of Freya or Bera.

But fast nope, he still is a hero not dealing any direct damage and that need support of other summoners, which probably do their job better.

He is in the realm of usefulness of your average player, but nearly no use for competitive people.


I’d really like him would enjoy pairing him with my Lady of the lake to beef up her minions a bit.

Can anyone confirm how the minion attack boost would work with for example Red Hood? Would her minions start hitting too?

He does not deal damage, he does not heal, and I don’t have Bera, Freya, LotL, QoH… so he is not useful to me :roll_eyes:


My sentiments exactly - i also dont have any of those and passkve tanks are not my taste

On a blue stack his mana gain for the whole team may be useful to you. And his minions buff earlier minions so they get strong fast.

I know that his mana gain is enough for other fast heroes to be recharged after 6 tiles. It’d also charge any average speed heroes you lack level 23 mana troops for after only 9 tiles. The real question is if it can charge a slow hero after only 9 tiles with a high level mana troop with or without costume bonus or mana node

Ugh why is it that even when SG tries to release “un-crappy” HoTMs, I still end up preferring an S3 equivalent? In this case, I would honestly prefer Freya over this guy, if only because Freya’s defense buff effectively gives another 60% HP to minions (not to mention extremely useful in countering defense droppers).

I mean Frosth isn’t terrible, but for a pure minion summoner with no extra buffs, I feel like there should be more to his skill even if he’s fast. If his passive cleanse extended to the whole team instead of just him, then he’d be much more valuable as a 5* fast cleanser and pseudo healer.


That’s what I want to say :+1: