Frosth – 5* Ice/ Blue - April 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Yes goes well with both.

Frosth Testing :slight_smile:

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I definitely love Freya on titans. You get three minions out you don’t have to worry about stunning so much. You can focus on best damage moves.

The same people who hate on minions love their dots…it makes no sense. Three minions are like three stacking DOT’s coming from one hero skill. The only difference is they can be dispelled (killed) just like most DOTs. So I don’t get how people love their GM but hate on minions.


This is my frosth and I don’t see the “increase HO and attack up to 200% of the minions original HP and attack.” In any of the frosth screenshots above.
Here’s screenshot of frosth in my portal as of rn.
What’s up with the discrepancy? I have the update, so idk if the update gas something to do with it. But to me I’m confused about what is really going on with his special

Because of: [SOLVED -- V37 Update] Frosth and Seshat's Replicating Minions


Used some EHT at the start of Springvale, got lepus. Used the rest this evening, nothing but 3* and what I really wanted popped up, Frosth :slightly_smiling_face:… Three TC 11 qued up to 1100+ and counting, waiting for the ascention items to max out Freya and Frosth

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To all that have fully ascended Frosth, congratulations on your wasted feeders, capes and scopes!

As we see, no 5* is free of nerfing.

From what I see, Frosth was an average hero even before the nerfs hammer hit him. Of course, you will hear people explaining the nerf with the Seshat-Frosth issue.

While that may be partially true, it was not game breaking. This combo couldn’t be executed so easily in raids or wars, hence it was more of a feature than a real issue.

The thing which Frosth was good for, and probably many besides me saw its potential, that was for very hard map stages or events such as high levels of the Ninja Tower. Because with multiple Frosths on your team, those sprites could grow fast and grow very large. Too large for high-level ninjas to effectively deal with them while Frosth(s) constantly buff them, at the same time being sheltered from damage even from OP Cobalt boss.

Ninjas bypass defense, bypass counterstrike…but don’t bypass minions. Hence one serious issue. What to do with a hero so easily accessible to c2p or f2p players who at the same time helps them beat high-level events?

Answer is simple: Nerf him ASAP!!!

Which is hypocritical seeing there are tons of broken heroes accessible mostly if you are p2w, and at the same time not being nerfed or being nerfed only slightly: Bera, Freya, Cobalt, Garnet, Onyx, Frigg, Odin, and now some of the season 4 heroes most probably.

Seeing the Frosth nerf, I am really happy that I stay out of playing with 5* altogether.

Edit: I was wrong on this one, Frosth seemingly cannot create that large minions all by his lone self. Thanks to @Homaclese for clearing that out.

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How could frosth ever hit that limit outside of seshats minions? A fresh minion replaces your third minion and starts the process over. This is not a nerf at all


For some reason I thought when you have three minions, no more are created and simply older ones are buffed.

Seems I was wrong on this one, I will edit my post above so that people won’t get confused just as I did, but will leave it there nonetheless.

Edit: It is still a nerf though.

Not really sure I see how it is a nerf - it seems there specifically to counteract a bug.

For the record I will be ascending my Frosth, just need to decide if it is before or after Master lepus


That’s a good problem to have. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have Kilhare or Roostley, I’d vote for Lepus first.

People don’t like minions for titans because of the extra time it takes to animate and do all the quick little hits from each minion

I think people also don’t realize that for mitten fights the game vastly speeds up those hits so they don’t have a major impact on the time.

I only have Lady Wool. I know Master Lepus is the “smart” choice but I generally don’t go for the “smart” choice. I prefer fun heroes with unique abilities. But which are still effective

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Fwiw, another reason I’d consider maxing Lepus first is he’ll probably get his costume next year. So I’d want to maximise the time before that happens.

Having written that, I know you have a positive opinion on Noor. So, I could see a case to max Frosth first. :sweat_smile:

I checked Shrubbear’s maxed but unemblemed stats - 324 attack, 473 defense, 820 health. Noor’s Frosth twice-buffed (easy to do on PVE, very difficult on raids I imagine) minions have 372 attack, 841 defense, 862 health. It is like everyone has a mini shrubbear on steroids pet. That is cool just by itself…

Lepus would give my blues more firepower, which is nice. But he doesn’t bring that much “fun”. And he won’t make my auto farming journey easier…



Okay, do you have all mats (or close) ready for both Lepus and Frosth?

What about emblems?

Are you planning to summon when the S4 blue 5* is released?

I assume that, as a member of PE, you have a nice lot of blue 5* maxed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have 12 scopes, 3 blades and 1 tome. So slightly short of being able to ascend both. I also have white rabbit I could ascend but currently I am only using him for titans and he is pretty fine at 3/70

I have a handful of rogue emblems but could dedicate all new ones to Frosth.

Druid emblems I have zero but could strip Kadilen (non costume) of a pretty decent chunk of them.

Free pulls plus maybe 10 more pulls. I tend to have as much luck when going free or spending lightly as I do when spending medium or heavy, so am trying to avoid the bigger spending now

I have Skadi, Frida, Isarnia (non C), Vela, Richard (non C) maxed. I have 33 5*s in total maxed which is decent (I think) in PE. My troops are picked on by all the other troops though…

Next Farholme Pass with tome is estimated around 7 May. Maybe sooner. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have Lepus but since he is a glass cannon, I’d say he needs emblems much more than Frosth. Even more so, considering you are in PE (a top 100 alliance, for those who don’t know).

I have an emblemed Kadi too, no costume. I’d happily strip her emblems for Lepus. Depends on your green roster of course…

This is my experience: One of several reasons I’m happy to have Frosth is his elemental link. I have an Isa, no costume too (I don’t have a Frida or King Arthur though). Thanks to Frosth, sometimes Isa will charge up faster, and that is both fun, and a win for me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think that Frosth would bring more to your roster @Homaclese. Considering no Killhare/Roostley, lack of emblems for Lepus (without stripping Kadi), can pair with Noor, and you have nice blue team already…

It’s always your game, your decision. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol! Ty for clarifying, and for not making me ask the question! I seriously had no idea what it meant

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