🤖 Frond – 5* Nature / Green from Construct family

Yes, the 200 something damage in the previous picture is from his core. It was 100% charged in that instance.
Here is an example with the +70% boost on allies for hits on enemies with boosted health.
Evelny hits the left side. Hathor still has boosted health . The other 2 don‘t. The increase is quite significant.


Absolutely adorable “deer in the headlights” looking!

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Thx again!
So, after Evelyn, all boost health was gone from Hathor. Other it would continue with your next hero applying 70% on Hathor?

Since it says “all allies “ will give this 70% from “normal and special attack”
I don’t think I have seen such writing before on any other hero.

Happy gaming

Im doing the same thing with gestalt and gealach. They both work really well together with a duplicate. This guy seems to be the same way.

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Once boosted health is gone, the +70% has no effect anymore. So the buff is very situational.

I also tested the core damage some more.
Here is an example of 100% core charge.
Frond is lv85 + talent full attack (attack:1168)

Hawthorn in this example is lb2 with around 1200 Defense.
Hathor and pengi have ~1000, ~960 Defense, respectively.
(All stats before troop bonus)


It’s like Frond is a Goblin attacking boosted health. Bad for my Arco but good against Hathors and that Green Construct Lunch Box looking dude.

Animation seems to be missing a sound effect?

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Just picked this guy up on a hail mary pull. Fast hit 3 with perks. The chrome/candy finish on these construct heroes brings new meaning to ‘new shinies’. :slightly_smiling_face:

he hits omg, enjoy in him
pure strength, he didn’t have any buff and enemies didn’t have def down

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The damage he does is insane especially if ennemies only have ‘‘low extra health’’, it was a no brainer for me to give him the LB2 that he deserves

Is his special suppose to be mute? No sound effect?

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Hope he’s futured also in the next covenant summon, didnt get him with 300 pulls :frowning:

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Well here he is hope you’ll get him this time

Crazy good hero. I underestimated him without knowing how much damage that core does. And it hits everyone, unlike Ferrus who only hits 3 with his.

Going against boosted health Frond makes me grin a little bit. Also like that mindless attack can trigger a core charge…down but not out. Counter intuitive to let there boosted health fire first.

Ferrus’ core hits everyone too. All the constructs do.

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Oh okay, I must’ve missed that. Ferrus does a bleed which is easy to miss out on and when I fought Frond, he wiped out my entire team with a single hit. I was like WTF???

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I have adjusted the OP with the balance updates.

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Seems like a pretty awesome hero who could replace c2 Caedmon on my attack team. Super glad that I picked up White Rabbit instead of Winifred from the Soul Exchange, because Frond is probably going to do much better for me.