From which generation are you? (Anonymous poll)

Found the track on Youtube. Interesting, sounds like your basic 4-piece group. Turns out this is actually the B-side. I didn’t really catch on to CFNY (or the Horseshoe) until after 1980 so I missed them.

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this is the a side

they disappeared quick, even by the fickle nature of the music industry

i was also left this with the record

this is the way its made to be hung, though you might want to rotate to see what the meaning is

some weird stories and people out there

i know a few things about egypt as well, though i learned them…i least i think i

dont remember therm??? i think i remember learning but who can say…

! Let me share the fascinating story of Dorothy Louise Eady, a British woman whose life was intertwined with ancient Egypt through an extraordinary claim of past-life memories.

Dorothy’s journey began in London in 1904. When she was just a child, she had a life-altering accident that left her with unusual behavior. She was expelled from school for refusing to sing a hymn that invoked God to curse the Egyptians. But it was during a visit to the British Museum that her connection to ancient Egypt became evident.

In the museum, Dorothy saw a photograph of an Egyptian temple dedicated to Seti I, the father of the renowned ruler Ramses II. Her fascination with Egyptian artifacts led her to study hieroglyphs and immerse herself in Egyptology. She even formed a friendship with the famous Egyptologist Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge.

However, Dorothy’s experiences took a mystical turn. At the age of 15, she began having visions of the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I. These visions intensified after she moved to Egypt and claimed that Hor Ra communicated with her, revealing details of her past life. According to a 70-page manuscript written in hieroglyphs, her Egyptian name was Bentreshyt, which meant "Harp of Joy"1.

Dorothy’s story is both intriguing and mysterious, blurring the boundaries between the present and the distant past. Her contributions to Egyptology remain significant, and her memories of an ancient life continue to captivate our imaginations.

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What I’m gonna do with someone’s personal info ? :rofl: btw I’m in forum from past 5 years 2019 so it’s obvious that I know many people here :blush: once you spend some time here you will know why I was curious to know about fellow forum buddies. Btw hello to another millennial because I’m sure about you now :wink: ! Hope you will
Meet some amazing people here in forum.


been here a while…though

not saying you but you can do all sorts of things with someone’s info, get cc in their name, mortgages, theres no limit to things that can be done with someones identity or virtual identity, and little risk since they arent the person they are impersonating. no need to be a hacker once you have someones info, you can go online anywhere to protect your own ip address if you use someones info, even a public library ext.
i shouldnt say more, giving people keys to knowlage like this is bad for society, though my info is at the mercy of people and has been for ages, hard to do much with mine, bad credit, and criminal record, feel bad for someone taking my identity, good luck to them making use of it. you use to know me @Dessertrose , not well mind you , i use to be @Alex_The_Landstander …i’ve gone through many accounts, everywhere, since that name though…what people can do online…like i said


That’s what happen if you create new account or change name. We can’t recognise you unless you say what was your previous name :sweat_smile:


only had to make new accounts cause i was no longer able to access my old ones. passwords stopped working ( ones in my computer keychain ), some accounts were deleted when i tried to log in, my apple id has also been deleted and even my account recovery contact doesnt receive the recovery code for my account, just says error when they click on the recovery link…not even a error # given. i’m froze out of everything. like i said

and if someone hacks your account and gets access just to your photos…no need to have dirty laundry, its common place to take pics of your license and other things like SIN cards. often you have to be confirmed through email, gov orgs here in canada ask for them all the time, banks to for opening accounts. someone mostly only needs your cloud and pics like that are usually in it. people dont think twice about that stuff, though they should. but

even this accounts name isnt what i had a day ago, though it was the staff that changed it, against community guidelines, i understand their position though since it was @DEATH_2_THE_capital , more a metaphor then anything. i dont care for the name they changed it to though, since im not one, foolish for a dropout to be called this …

Yeah, I realized that u changed name, but I thought u did is by urself (like @MightyBombJack (his old nickname was @ghost), so wasn’t complaining

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i never said anything about anyone complaining… i’m the only one complaining, about being constantly frozen out of all my accounts. no one here has ever said they were responsible, no one any where has said that to me, the fact i loose account after account…is just my problem, no one takes credit, i loose everything though…

thats just life…mine anyway, and its a miserable excuse for one… they can have it, never was worth anything and a waste. that is what it means to be a convict/prisoner, i was freer in jail then in society. feel bad for whoever took the burning tire fire that is my identity, its a sick world. we reap what we sow, i’m far from the only prisoner that has ever existed, or will,

I like stories like that, I’m not a believer necessarily but I like them.


interesting vids on youtube with more detail, fascinating stuff. the world is strange…but you dont see me walking around with a pyramid hat on… just a newspaper pirate hat

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@Smaug_the_Golden I still don’t see ur post here

Just realized sth.
The lowest generation, Alpha got 1% of votes.
Whew whew, we have some kids here!
Anyone want to admit? :blush:

Blimey. I’m not sure if I feel old or what…
I canst votes cos me age bracket int there! :scream: :sob:


Omg, interesting :thinking:.
Wait, I’ll add poll with “no one of above” option

Here I’ll point that.
I collected birth date from a lot of ppl from my family, and the oldest person still alive was born in '49.
And she(bcz it’s her) use only calls, and watch tv.
I know many ppl would disagree with me, but here it’s just like that.

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with texts and message apps these days…everyone is a chattering gossipy old woman…lmao…

…me to :flushed::scream:

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Considering the number of teenagers I see driving Beemers and Teslas I am pretty sure a lot of them do. Maybe not strictly speaking THEIR money but still money they have free access to.

A large percentage of my alliance mates over the years have been college/university students.

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And now, that vote got cancelled:(

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