From SH13-no VIP >>> to >>> TC20 with 2 months of VIP >>> total TC20 in 3 months and 4 days, by Boolz :)


I didn’t spend money on this game, but I wanna buy ONLY one month of SECOND BUILDER to produce with TC20. As per my android says, started playing the game on the 20th of august.

Given my progress so far - as shown below - WHEN SHOULD I BUY IT? AFTER ST15?

Thank you! :smiley:

Depends on your activity.

In general, it doesn’t make any difference, but it’s easier to track timers for your two builders (and avoid losing “builder time”) when your buildings are at higher levels.

But make sure you can feed the second builder.
I would say, whenever you feel that your resource (metal/food) income is good, go for it.

I don’t know the answer to your question. I started a new account exactly one month ago and am trying to fast track it straight to TC20 ignoring everything else. I bought double builder on day 1. So far it has been almost useless because of lack of iron. It’s starting to get to the point where when SH is building (I’m building 15 now), I manage to get 2 metal storage units increased while SH14 built, but then it was a long wait to save for more storage and the next level of SH. I don’t want to spend metal on other things unrelated to getting to TC20 during that time or it would delay things. I think regardless of when you buy it, you will be in for a long wait saving that iron up for the next level of SH. You can save some time working on iron storage while it’s building but eventually you’ll be stuck waiting for more metal for more storage and then waiting to save up for the next level of SH.

@marlenus I didn’t have a problem with iron, but I was quite actively browsing raid targets to get enough. While it wasn’t easy, it was totally doable.

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I use every single raid flag available to bring in more iron. But at 4-5K raid, it’s not much when you’re trying to save up 900K+

I imagine keeping builder 1 for stronghold.
and builder 2 for other: storage, tc, etc that is needed.

i know that now for following st15 i will have 900k stacked and losing iron… in 2 andhalf days…

raids and free tickets are my iron income - province 22, defesne team is low so i can choose which one to raid for better loot :slight_smile:

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Imho, straight away and focus on farms and iron production. Upgrading one helps building the other. Make sure you do it when you are rdy to spent your diamonds and flasks.

Accelaring chests and doing a lot of missions gets you quite some food and iron for building.

Once production is maxed the other upgrades get very easy.

thats why i was saying SH 15 for the 4th mine…
and farms aint such a problem… have the tc to joggle with food… storage food for tc20 research will be needed though…

getting like 200k iron/day >>> 500k in 2.5 days of SH14 upgrade
400k from raid, monsters, heroes, quests… is easy in 2.5 days…

Funny you asked this because I had did exactly the same thing that you will do. I only bought 2 vips, one to bring SH18 to SH20, and second one to bring all my farms to lvl20. Yes, like stated, the most optimal to buy vip is when you reach SH18. It will take quite sometime to level to SH20. While you wait for your stronghold, you can build other building especially your tc and iron storage. To optimize your tc goal, you also need to bring up 1 tc up to stronghold level or close (2 level behind is okay) so you wont lag behind. Because i’m rushed for my tc goal, I ditched other buildings and decided to buy another vip to build my farms to 20. When you trained more 4s and 5s food will become important to speed up leveling, but this is of course optional, you can build your farms with 1 builder,albeit it will be slower.

I think all food storages at level12 will be sufficient to research tc20, iirc, help me @Kerridoc

I’d buy your second builder now and accelerate towards stronghold 18. All iron storage at 18 too is enough to complete the stronghold to 20, which on turn leads you to training camp 20. :slightly_smiling_face:

Buying him now or later, you’re probably going to to reach your goal at more or less the same time. The second builder, imo, really is most effective early on to get the base rocking.

During later stages like >15 SH, I am averaging 1million Iron a day. Mines and tower covers less than half of my iron income. Each raid makes me more than 10k iron and each platinum hero loot earns in 100k iron. On top of that there are titan and monster loot boxes.
I wish there is a third and fourth builder.

Problem is now SH 14 is building… and has 1day and 14h left…
I have storage 922k (for the 903k SH 15 upgrade) and already 600k iron filled whitout any much effort…
So soon Im going to reach max… and iron will be wasted… (i even spent much iron to make arrows… no more crafting matterials left)
Food I can stash in TCs…

guess a second builder to start already on the iron storages would be usefull now…
even though first i will probably start with upgrading mines, farms, after storage for mines and farms in that order… and if iron is yet too much TC increase to follow SH…

The second builder is a gateway drug. If you buy one, you’ll buy another. Then you’ll be buying epic offers. Hundreds of dollars later, you’ll remember this and regret not taking me seriously!

I think it takes 3 twelves and 1 eleven. The cost is 1313k


you dont know me :slight_smile: if i say it i mean it! :slight_smile:

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~14 days since I bought VIP

just started SH18. until now i had few gaps between continuation of SH building - kept mine storage upgrade just in time to start building the SH next…

from now on things will me harder. i think is best to level what i can, starting with food storage and training camps when i dont have enough iron to upgrade another mine storage.

it is hard to get 1 mil iron per day, so will be toughr from now on… but the second builder was a good choice to level up SH and so to have room to level up what i choose next and have room for maneuver :slight_smile:

brb :stuck_out_tongue:

UPdate: after 1 month of vip

after vip expired, waited until second build finished, then got vip again. guess this will be enough for me to get at least 2 tc20s up and going. after there wont be a need for vip anymore. and i will trully be a “real” f2p :slight_smile:

hope i dont get bored in like 6 months after i have a solid full lvled roster…

ill update again when second vip expires…

Game started on aug 21st

So 2 months and 1 week > sh19. Not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well done. I’m building SH 18 now and I’m an end of August kid as well.

The bloody iron storage sheds are the bottleneck in all of this.

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