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good time of day dear developer. I propose an idea😊: to create leagues or communities in the game, the essence is that weak players are separated from the strong and play in their own niche with the same weak ones, not everyone can afford to buy resources, so every player can get pleasure from the game, not just disappointment and envy of better-off players, I offer 4 leagues: beginners, pioneers, Atlanteans, Vikings with respect, player Kronos

Hy there, not sure how to put this in writing but your idea was implemented over three years ago. There already are four leagues (arenas). Bigginers (bronze) Pioneers (silver) Atlanteans (gold) Wikings (platinum). Of course, then there’s the real league (arena) DIAMOND, the only one that mattters. Every player’s goal should be reaching diamond arena at some point. Still, there’s nothing stopping you to choose which lower arena you fight in. Just set your defense team acordinglly.

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That sort of already exists… there are different raid tiers, and if you join a lower level alliance, you are mostly going to be fighting other lower level alliances in war.

However, there are always going to be cup droppers and other disparities (war matches are rarely close to equal).

Problem is that it would be nearly impossible to implement a perfect system. You can’t judge players based on player level alone; some low level players have bought heroes that many higher level players don’t have. You can’t judge it on time played: some people have played casually for years, and made less progress than a hardcore player who has only played for 6 months. You can’t judge players based on their single best rainbow team, as bench depth also plays a major role in everything from wars to raids to titan scores.


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