Frigg Titan

Just attacked a blue Kraken with Frigg. First two attacks she did zero damage. The green tiles lit up, but she didn’t send them at the Titan. Zero damage. Thought I was crazy, so i tried again–same effect.

Welcome back, @Julius1 !!

Frigg’s skills is not the same with Ratatoskr. Her special skill deals 100% damage to all enemies but such damage increases if there are green tiles on the board, and the more tiles on the board are, the bigger her damage will be, up to 244% in total.

Ratatoskr’s specials only heals allies and enhances the damage caused by the green tiles on the board if those tiles are match and directed at the enemy.

I just can’t believe Frigg’s specials did not render any damage to the enemy. Please replicate the incident and post screenshot or a short video clip if it happens again.


Excellent suggestions @Ultra

@Julius1, what team were you using?

Was it possible that you had a hero that affects accuracy - Wu, Ranvir etc?

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Nope. I considered that. Frigg, Zocc, Lianna,BT,Wilbur

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Just a note on this part specifically;

Frigg doesn’t activate the tiles on the board… She will not ever “send them” at the enemy.
She just counts them and uses them to apply extra damage & more defence down to the enemy…
Tiles will (always) stay on the board.

Ya. I get that. Had boards full of green tiles and she did zero damage. Should be 244% at that point. She lowered the Titan defense but did no damage.

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