Frigg Or Heimdell?

I pulled these two lucky heros in Valhalla. With 9 tonics who do I ascend first? Below is my current 5* roster.

I am inclined to say Heimdall. Close call though.

On one hand, you do have Telluria, so as a Tank he is a bit redundant (but we’ll see what they’ll do to her to balance her). You also have Ariel which I imagine you’re using in main team, so healing is a bit reduntant. But I am still inclined to say Heimdall because while he is a worse tank, he is much more versatile than Telluria: on attack he is much better, and his attack boost and revive make him an excellent choice for titans. Frigg is also great against Titans but she seems a bit worse overall to me than Heimdall.

You can still use both Heimdall and Telluria on defense though, Telly as tank and Heimdall at wing. I imagine not many people will like you, but there you go …


You can bring them both to 3.70 and decide then. May get more tonics by then too.

If you’re sold on picking one of the two, I’d go Frigg. You’ve got the heal and speed (and the emblems) in Telluria.

Nothing wrong with waiting though… Eve or Lianna or Locke would be nice imo.

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Depend what u need

If u need attacker = frigg
If u need healer = heimdall

I would lean towards Frigg.

Heimdall is primarily a healer who can over heal, and you already have Telluria as a strong green healer. He also gives an attack boost which is a good secondary skill. His revive % is the lowest of the 3 legendary revivers, and when I activate his special, I do not expect that he will revive a hero, as opposed to Alberich or Mother North.

On titans, defense down is more valuable than attack boost. Frigg’s defense down is dependent on green tiles, but on a titan you have more control over that with the use of mana potions. I am not sure if you have Buddy for a nature hero that gives defense down, but Frigg is an improvement over him for multiple reasons [speed, no minions to waste time and higher base attack stat]. If you do not have Buddy she will be even more of an upgrade.

Frigg would not make your defensive team (she can be a tank, but not a better tank than Telluria), but on offense, she is great. Defense down to everyone at fast speed is a real weapon. She would make Kingston and even Telluria hit harder in a green stack.

I usually run mono of offense, and Frigg just replaced Heimdall in my nature team.

Not sure how your Titan team looks.
If you’re covered against Blue titans, then my suggestion would be to go for Heimdall. That guy increases the team’s survivability like crazy on quests, raids, and difficult map stages. (That overheal is too OP in my experience on offense).

So, I think your decision boils down to your current priorities:
Titan Team + Stronger Offensive Attack? - Go Frigg
Team Survivability on Offense - Go Heimdall

(Since you already have Telluria for Defense Tank, I am ignoring the defense team related considerations)

Frigg imho if you are covered on healers. Awesome dmg based on videos I have seen.

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Lol Frigg 1000%. She’s godly

My vote goes to Frigg…but I would do Heimdall after.

The way I raid significantly changed once I maxed Heimdall, but Frigg is exceptionally powerful that some see her getting nerfed in the future.

I’d get Frigg maxed ASAP.

Frigg is a quasi Tarlak upgrade, no?

Given what you have already done, I wouldn’t be in a hurry but both are great heros

No, Frigg is more like the Finley of Valhalla

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Heh have you started emblems on her? I just maxed her now.

Planning on taking to +19 but which order?

Definitely the 2% mana node.
Leaning towards Defense > Health > Attack

I can’t decide. Max def path is about D 870 H 1500. But max attack yields an 880 attack stat and still like 820 defense and almost 1400 HP. 880 is nuts. The 2 I have seen on the leaderboard were defense leaning but I’m torn.

This is from my alliance mate in video above, I’m going to lean more on attack, she’s got great balanced stats.

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I don’t see a video above.

And you mean you’re going for this build or lean towards even more attack than this?

Have anyone reached a conclusion on this, I cannot make up my mind.

On OP’s question? Definitely Frigg. A fast hit-all with defense down and potential for explosive damage—what more could you want?

Defense down for Titans is very important. Slow is hard in this meta as well. I would vote for Frigg.

If it wasn’t obvious, the answer here is Frigg. She’s OP as F$&@!! Max her now and use her!

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