📯 Frigg – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Oh this game…

Anything for a decent blue but no…another Frigg.

She’s great, I really like her but 2??

It’s probably the most bittersweet this game gets for me. I do spend but not thousands so whilst I can do a fair number of summons they aren’t infinite. So last month when I got Frigg I was super happy.

This month when I get her again…less so.


I am with you. I have the same feelings. Last month my first Frigg (now at 3/70) and pulled dupe today. I really wanted to pull Bera and/or Lord Loki but nah - dupe Frigg :sweat_smile:
It is even spicier when looking to my fridge and seeing those 3 tonics steadily starring at me for at least 2 months.
I am not complaining tho.

I got my dupe Frigg months ago. Broke into a sweat whenever I see green flashes from my portal. Don’t want a third one and would gladly take a 3* feeder over a dupe 5* anyday

Double Frigg? I envy you all…






(I feel like one of them should break character and wink at the camera)


Oh, interesting. They could make 4 really nice pairs with my 4 Odin :joy:

Can we consider a dating? :joy:


So yeah. After having 37 terrible pulls (like got 4x4* and only one of them was from S3), I got offers today and for using coins only I got my second Frigg too. Not that I complain, hehe.

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I just maxed her and am tryiin to decide which path to take for emblems? Any suggestions atk or def? Anyone have pics? Thanks.

I’m taking emblems from Scarlett +18 and I do have peters +20 and Domitia +19 but I think Domitia has to keep them for now maybe I’ll take peters though?

I would advise not to reset Scarlett. She is really valuable especially for her massive attack stat. Depending on your roster, I say reset peters first

I have 2 of her maxed and she was hitting over 930 before troops but her def is like 500 so she is like a 3 on def. I already stripped her and am just trying to decide the path for frigg. Unfortunately red is my worst color mitsuko is only maxed 5 with Elena and Khagan at 370 despite 25 rings. I do fine though for now until marjana shows up. After 3 years I’m hoping it’s soon. Over 600 tc20 got none and 3 ha10 got good snipers but all third or fourth copies.


This is my Frigg. I went shield path. I use her as my left flank in raid defense and tank in war defense. I hope this helps.


There’s no one answer—it depends how you’ll use her. I went full attack since she’ll never be my tank and I use her for titans/events.


The OP is adjusted with 2021 January balance updates.

Finally gathered up 100 Valhalla coins. 3 months? 4 months? And pulled Frigg with them. Very late to the party, but should be a great addition to my roster — DD for titans (only other options are Silvaria [not leveled] and Buddy [fragile]) and decimation for mono-green teams. Hopefully.


Congrats @mpolo. You were well rewarded for your savings

doesn’t Frigg look like Angelina Jolie?

considering Frigg is in Fate Summon, is she still good today (PvE only as I am not play much PvP)?

I have C2Skittle and C.Isthak which usually is good enough on PvE

I maybe wrong but i cannot see much value in Frigg in PvE since

ok she’s fast but she needs a lot of green tiles to really makes some different from her base 100%damage and -8% def down (where C.Ishtak can give -44% with 9 tiles easily)

Actually even reading this entire thread, i could not see much value of Frigg also in PvP

For attack, she’s not that great. For PvP defense, she’s still usable if you don’t have a great roster.

For PvE, especially with the options you have access to, I agree - she’s not worth it.


She used to be soooo OP (sarcasm alert!) she was nerfed, twice ! Along with hubby Odin !! Both neutered to death & they had the cheek to release the costume as basically the pre-nerf version. Everybody called it, they said it wud happen, the paid for costume wud be released pretty much as she used to be & the devs didn’t disappoint ! Followed it to the letter!! LOL !!