📯 Frigg – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I’d say Vela is a better hero than Misandra. Misandra has great potential but is totally unreliable and often disappointing.

Edit: Ultimately it depends what your goal is. GM is not a good tank. He definitely punishes a bad board but he also drops very easily. So for raid defense you should hold diamond easily, but for war I would not advise that.

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I don’t use Tell, GM nor Finley on my defense. All three are +20 but it doesn’t really make a difference.

What I want to say is as long as you are in diamond, what does it matter?


Congrats! Great pulls!

This is the first trials of survival that I used Frigg for. Honestly I was surprised how many times her def down was applied at 32% or higher immediately following activating her special. Good boards and bad boards all being considered I was able to get a lot out of her special during these trials. In a few cases I was in a situation where by the time her first application of def down was ending, I already had her charged for the next special. I am very impressed with Frigg so far.


I don’t know how to emblem her. Any advice?

Personally I am going attack all the way. Not using her on defense so her tiles and special hitting as hard as possible is my goal.

On a side note, I brought her to this most recent war and I stacked her with MLF and Kingston and two other heroes who were non-green for one attack. There was some trepidation as it was a 4600+ Telly team with GM I was going against. I hit a great board for her right away, got a green diamond and with her attack, def down, and being stacked with MLF and King the enemy defense was severely debilitated following that. It was probably the fastest win I have ever gotten on a 4600+ def with Telly at tank. Wish I would have recorded it.

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She replaced my isarnia the moment she reached tier 3. Yeah, on a green stack she absolutely destroys. I stack her with lianna and almur. On a good green board, they pretty much decimate everything.
But at the same time my roster isn’t too deep so I will have to use her on Def at times. The RNGness doesn’t really bother me because imo Def down isn’t that important in raid defence and any amount of Def down is still something to threaten the enemy. She is still a hyper offensive hero and it’s a shame to focus on defence for her. All right attack it would be


The only thing that makes her a hyper offensive hero is the fact that we don’t have a red tank on par with Telluria. She’s actually incredibly well suited to defense teams that discourage green attackers, but it’s just a shame that the heroes she needs to flawlessly shine don’t exist. In other words, it’s more to do with the other heroes, or lack thereof, in the game that don’t allow her to shine on offense.

Maybe someday.

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She pairs pretty well with BK, I imagine a BK tank flanked by Frigg and Odin will be pretty strong, frustrating, but mostly agree, red tanks aren’t really a thing.


Even at around 10,12 node of emblem she is so fragile… Definitely not tanky hero rather flank her with rd tank…She works excellent with Bk but dont have ares…May beshe wil work fine with ares too

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Yeah, BK is the only really good option. What could make that a really competitive defense is a yellow or purple at very fast speed that gives immunity to buff dispels and healing to flank him. BK’s weakness is his ability to be dispelled by the abundance of blue dispellers. Sure, Malosi could shut him down, but that’s mostly true for Telluria too.

Someone to shield the taunt with buff dispel immunity, Frigg on the other flank, and some devastating wings would be killer. I think Telluria’s healing, minions, and availability would make her the dominant war tank still though.

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I did a trick took both telly and frigg in defense obviously tanking telly with red flank gave me 60/40 results so far…I guess it will be eve great with Bk

It was business as usual taking out GTV’s when I ran into a Frigg tank for the first time. Tried stacking green. Lost. Tried again. Lost. Tried my trusty 4-1 purple stack that had just won 6 raids in a row. LOST. WTF?! Do I really need to stack red now?! Never needed to before Tell but Frigg fires so fast and when she does … bam bam bam you die from her entourage’s hits.

I want her!!!


That’s a scary defense with some serious troops. Fast and maybe only suspect to a mitsuko reflect if you can charge her in time.

But that defense is as tough with Tell instead of Frigg.

If there are green tiles, then Frigg but otherwise I would favor Tell’s mana suffocation.


What is everyone thinking for Friggs emblem path?
I’m leaning towards Def>HP or HP>Def. Once I have her maxed out she will probably be my best tank.


Tyr would be nice too, maybe. I fought him recently as tank and was impressed by his tanking abilities. he’s a nightmare to take down if you fail to kill him before he fires. Then frigg flanking him would add more pressure

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Now that I’m seeing this you’re making me question my choice. I’ll never use her at a tank so I’m thinking I’ll go full attack. But some of those other options look tempting too

She’s well balanced so no real wrong choices.
I went def and attack route.

highly recommend 2% mana node because she’s even better in a green stack and getting the second mana troops on her frees up primary for eve.

I chose to bypass this mana node after much internal debate. My most notable green mana troops are 20 and 5. Even when I do get the 20 up to 23 I’ll probably be giving that to an average speed hero, so I didn’t feel I’d benefit from that extra 2% on Frigg. If someday my troops are quite far along and I’m missing this l, well then I have 30 reset emblems lol.

Might be a good idea but I’ve noticed on longer fights, the mana bonus adds up even if your troops aren’t at those key lvls.

Every little bit adds up :slight_smile:


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