Frigg needs a big nerf

I was grouping them together too when I was first reading about the SIII heroes. It took a while for me to understand nuances, the play is very different.

I believe that Jott/Rat are brilliant on titans as you continue tile play and you probably aren’t looking to kill immediately so it isn’t as urgent that the damage is front loaded.

Odin and Frigg do damage then and there which is a huge advantage in a raid/war/tournament.
If I had Frigg she would 100% come along to titans too because she is sooooo much better than Buddy.

Both functionalities have the same drawback when you are attacking; you’ve hunted the tiles to charge them so their color probably will be underrepresented on the board. I was initially very skeptical of all four heroes but am coming around.

Jott is getting emblems and on the titan team. Don’t have the other three but would use them.

Odin and Frigg have impressed me on defense (ok, I’ve only met two proper Odin’s so far so too early to be certain of anything). The first run ins with Frigg were painful because I had been careless with the green tiles.

IT is an issue when hero instead doing some serious but beareable damage (finley) just one shots your whole team because it has elemental link.
Game shouldnt be like dead timer against one fast hero.
Its not pve, enemy shouldnt be like ursena in hard mode

I thought SG was bad, but this constant demanding of nerfs for every new hero is quickly becoming one of the most toxic aspects of the forum.

The philosophy of nerfing the strongest heroes is never ending and will destroy the game. No matter who you change there will always be a next strongest hero people will say is too strong.

Play the game or don’t but stop demanding everything be changed to fit your roster, or lack thereof.

She can do high damage and defense down or she can do low damage and defense down. The huge range of variability is what balances her.

Is she a strong hero? Sometimes, yes. Is that ok? YES.


Frigg-Bk-Odin is more powerful than the previously un-nerfed G-T-V combo.


You can ignore the “Buff/ nerf” threads if you so choose. I have been adding the #hero-balance tag to most of them (the ones that I spot anyways).

Instructions for ignoring a tag here:

Keep in mind this is not just a nerf but a ‘big’ nerf. I don’t even think the countless telluria nerfing threads used the word ‘big’, shows how powerful Frigg is.
Nerfing does jack for the game. Instead of nerfing, call for a buff to heroes that can check supposed ‘OP’ hero.

I don’t have Frigg… just so everyone knows. I don’t want anymore heros to suffer nerfs . We players wont be trusting of sg if they release and nerf. I’m more for release l counters instead of nerfing (it’s a brtyrt business model) I would think before spending if the nerf an event hero, Tells nerf(s) were understandable to an extent.


I’ve just been absolutely crushed repeatedly by this raid def…


Just did a raid of 5 minutes of constant dodging by ninjas. I ended up fleeing and going for next opponent. These dodges are so annoying, and go over 10% from my experience playing against them.
Just to make one thing clear - I am against nerfing of any hero, just think OP heroes (or OP hero synergies) should never be released in the game.


I tend to agree with you here.

I have no clear view on wether any of these new heros is OP, that includes Frigg. However, we saw quite significant number of new very powerful heros… Ninjas, Frigg, Odin, we’ll see how Krampus is doing… Some of those new combos that you can see in the leaderboard - Garnet, Frigg, Odin, Finley, BK and some others - are really powerful. Even if we agree that none od the heros is OP individually, I’m afraid some of the new sinergies could be extremely powerful, level: Telluria+Vela. I’ve seen in practice some of my battles ending even before they begun. Not sure it’s a good way, and honestly, makes me wonder: what was the point of nefring Telluria ans Vela? To detrone them, just to change them with new super powerful heros? :thinking:


They brought em from absolutely annoying back to far above average.

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The Telluria/Vela problem was one of abundance; way too many people had them. These other heroes are much more rare. There’s nothing wrong with powerful heroes but we also shouldn’t expect to be able to beat any team with any roster—that’s totally unrealistic.


I don’t say those are unbeatable, no combo is. While they are still rare in general player population, you see the tendency to copy the new meta as close as possible, as fast as someone can. And it is happening fairly fast. Just saying I’m not sure it was a good idea to release them all in 2-3 months. It will take 4-5 months for people to find the answers for new problems and it will bring a lot of frustration. Gradual change would have been much better way imo.

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The point were to make sales soar again.

They were so powerful and “easy to obtain” that players wouldn’t have felt the need to try pulling other heroes but them, hence the repeated changes and the final S3 stat’s boost.

Anyway, they needed to be toned down.

What makes Frigg and Odin so powerful defenders (and good attackers) is the fact that they have the not so low chance to overperform similar heroes while charging with 4 less tiles.


Absolutely, I was in that boat saying they were too much. Time will tell if the new faces are too much as well, it’s too soon. For me, I know it will take some time to find solutions for them other than a great board. :slight_smile:

you can use jean to block the defence debuff or use counter attack as she usually suicides on them.

you can also try to minimise the number of green tiles on the board when she fires by.storing a green diamond.

currently frigg is very inconsistent to pull off and only mosy effective in offence where you can control how many nature tiles are on the board at any one time.

you cant charge riposte before she fires unless board is excpetionally good and she is dead anyway (as any tank in game).
To charge jf you need 8 red tiles, if she is hit by 8 red tiles she is dead anyway.
Also clearing all green tiles is also often imposible because you know there needs match to be done to clear tiles.

Best bet is yellow stack with malosi and jackal charging in 6 tiles.

IMO this is exactly right. The problem with Telly/Vela was not just their power in the abstract, but the fact that they dominated the game in practice. When you have the same 2 heroes on 80-90% of the raid teams, it harms the game. Too monotonous, especially since it involved a tank.

Frigg, Finley, etc. are powerful - there will always be a more powerful hero - but have not yet taken over the game. We are seeing a lot of Frigg on top teams, but she is not yet on virtually every team in Diamond.

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Just give players some time. If there’s a clearly stronger combo than others, it will start to dominate. First at the top, where the top spenders are - most of them already have some of these heros, or they will get them soon. And then a “middle class” will start to catch up. Before, there was Finley, Jaberwock, maybe some other super strong hero… They were strong, but rare. Now it seems like the number of super strong and rare heros increased in a very short time period. It makes me worried., It’s not 2-3 heros anymore. On one side there will be players who can have them, on the other… Those stuck with the underpowered ancient heros. If this didn’t happen so fast, I thinl I wouldn’t be worried that much.

That it isn’t 2-3 heroes is a reason it doesn’t worry me. That will help prevent there from being one team you face on every raid.

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