Frigg needs a big nerf

Then let’s nerf the stupid defense bonus. Ruining perfectly good heroes because they’re too strong with 20% stat boosts is plain silly. I’d much rather hold fewer cups by lowering the absurd defense bonus than see every good hero in the game get ruined.

If you agree with me, go vote! Lower the “defense bonus” instead of nerfing heroes


All above mentioned heroes are premium,

Vela, Telurria, Gravemaker (JF) are all HOTMS (accessiblity).


You’re blaming people for not wanting the value of their purchases diluted?

The problem is not the heroes, it’s the defense bonus. With much better heroes than when the game started, a 20% boost to stats is no longer needed on defense AND it makes people think these heroes are stronger than they really are.


I agree completely, these heroes are not to blame for players who have extended themselves beyond their roster’s depth.


The defense bonus is a nice challenge for me. Without that, no defense AI will be able to withstand a well manicured 2-2-1 assault.

Mono players will always get lucky or lose hard. Always…

But for me… the raid button has just become interesting again! Finally we have returned variety.
And the challenge remains…!
The Main argument for restoring balance before was that players needed to “get Gud” and simply didn’t know how to fight Telly… so we were going to make the game boring and easy by nerfing her… anyone remember that?!?

I’m not experiencing any legitimate super creeps at this time… while the new S3 heroes are strong, they are not overwhelmingly out of control in my opinion. And the defense boost is still a nice addition for challenge vs idiotic AI.


Rat special is totally different, it requires further playing not just kabum tiles when mana bar is full

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Fair point. To clarify, I don’t want things to change. Every single player is not supposed to be able to beat every single player. BUT, if the outrage is going to continue, I would MUCH RATHER see the defense bonus nerfed that more heroes nerfed :man_facepalming:t2:


I just read a recent thread from one of the most vocal and repetitive in the “Compensation Camp” and his roster isn’t even mid tier, currently…

In over 2 years, the most impactful changes I experience in this game are additions to my bench. Top 1% in 3 and 4* tournaments is easily attainable without any emblems at all… but with a wide selection of choices for defense, and more importantly offense!

I don’t mean to silence voices of newer players.

There should be some recognition for the difference between actual OP heroes who have no solution…

Vs. players who are experiencing the paywall.

I really don’t see this door swinging the other direction at this time. Meaning brand new players pull any new hero and suddenly are competing way beyond their roster’s depth.
Which means… there’s currently no super creep, or cause for nerfs
Of any kind!


Is 20% boosts really too big?

I am not in diamond yet, but seeing youtube videos with even playing field of hero lvls or even playing myself (where most heroes are 3:70), I am in a ball park of competiting vs strongest war teams i can fiend on battlefield…

I think 20% boosts to defense evens out advantage of attacker in better focusing and basically sending tiles however he wants… Attacker controls the board.

From yt videos I see myself wondering, are there really any proper tanks, since tiles do so much dmg on even playing field (hero lvls and similar emblems).

To clarify, I don’t want to change anything. BUT, I’d much rather nerf the defense boost (the real thing responsible for making heroes look OP) than watch SG ruin more perfectly fine heroes.


when fully emblemed finley just one shot your whole team because of elemental link buff then you understand :slight_smile:

What does that have to do with the topic of discussion. @Sternman mentioned that only Odin and Frigg had tile based specials and I wanted to remind him (very friendly by the way) that Ratatoskr has the same ability when it comes to messing with tiles.

No, Rat and Jott change the value of the tiles on the board.

Frigg, Odin and Sudri (sorry, forgot about him) do damage based on the number of tiles on the board at the moment of firing.

Edit: Had said Sumle rather than Sudri initially.

True, but I didn’t know that was a qualifier. I assumed that any hero that needs tiles to make their specials work (even partially) were part of the equation. I see from your perspective though, that the three latter are completely dependant on the tiles while the two former aren’t nearly as much.

Sudri, not Sumle, I know because he just rocked me in the 3* tournament

Personally, I don’t think the issue is the defense boost. I think it’s the boards. There is no team in this game soo strong that it survives a great board. Ive watched your various videos.

I feel a better solution is that whatever color you brought the majority of, you were guaranteed at least 5 tiles of that color on the board. Sometimes you’d get super lucky and it would be a diamond, but more often than not it would be a puzzle, a puzzle you had to figure out with the chance to cascade other tiles into more matches.

No more I brought red to face telluria, and have 1 red tile.

Agreed the 20% buff should only for S1 non costumed hereos.

So that would make the costume a 10% degradation on defense then? Yeah… no.

The defense buffs are not the issue. Remove them and it’s a universal nerf making attackers have even more of an advantage. More importantly, the heroes that are strong on defense? Yeah. That doesn’t change. They’re less strong, but so is everyone else, so the net change is nothing.

Except that now attackers win 90+% of the the time instead of 80%.

can you clarify also, why you dont bring yellow or green tiles in case Odin And Frigg flanks?

Wouldnt that be the best case scenario if for example tank is blue or black, and you use yellow/green tiles to take tank down and beacuse you cleared most green/yellow shields, you also reduce Odin/Frigg special dmg?

Frigg - BN - Afrike - Krampus - Odin

Somehow kind of fun watch how your team can get decimated against this defense :slight_smile:

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Thank you, will edit above so as not to mislead anyone.

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