Frigg needs a big nerf

Your cynicism is wonderful! Frigg is not balanced, it’s obvious. Challenging experience? Haha … for ptw.
frigg/Vela/bera/Odin is more unbalanced than GTV has ever been. Try to beat them with only S1 heros and you will understand.


If you are relatively new to the game and your roster is not developed, any of the new heros will be difficult to face! Over time as your roster develops, you will develop heros for your style of play that will be more capable of dealing with the likes of Frigg, Bera, Sif, etc. And as the game evolves, so will your roster and your approach to the game! Remember, the game is a turtle race not a rabbit race (unless you a one of the whales in the game!).

Have fun! Learn from your loses and read how others tackle the likes of Frigg and others! I guarantee that you will get there in time! :wink:

Try to beat the original GTV team with S1 heroes…

And if all you have is S1 heroes, and you can’t beat FBO with those heroes, then don’t fight FBO

Why this thread is still on is beyond me :woman_facepalming:t2:

It’s June, let it go…

Well, they are balanced, if u are P2W, then you can beat them.

Most of C2P or F2P have no chance against them unless you have amazing board feeding the colours you need in next turns. The game is going strongly towards spenders.

Do you expect that revenue based company will give the same odds towards people not spending?
Not to mention the rigged RNG system in favour of spenders.

NERF FRIGG!!! /I allow to put this discussion queue back on the front page / NERF FRIGG!!!

Allow a rebuttal… DON’T NERF FRIGG!!!


I wish a had a taunter. Krampus in particular makes Frigg worthless if you can fire him first. He kinda does that to all heroes though.

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So… When? When do you get nerf to frigg? When? He’s the most abused hero in the whole game and from a very far distance. So when? Why is such an unbalanced hero? So nerf that please !!!

Whoever you are, I salute your undying persistence and mission to neuter her.

@Bichon Instead of requesting a nerf of Frigg, why not take the opportunity to let us as a community help you figure out how to approach attacking a team with Frigg in it? Post you current roster and a few samples of teams with Frigg in it that you have faced (and I assume you lost to). Let us provide you with the advice needed on how you should approach attacking the team. We can also give advice on what heros you should focus on to improve your roster to make game play a lot better/easier.

Post your roster and post the sample raid teams. We will help you do better! :wink:


Stop pretending there’s a strategy and I’m too dumb to understand it . Frigg is OP. A hero who lowers everyone’s defense fast is OP. Even without a green tile, it’s OP. There is nothing else to say. Nerf Frigg

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Someone offers you very good advice and you prefer to keep complaining? Fine.

I am actually finding Frigg really easy to beat now. I keep blasting her with Alfrike cubes and regardless of whether she dodges or not she can’t cast her special and just hits herself in the nose. Repeat that a few times and she dies without a whimper. Almost too easy. I think she is actually severely underpowered. Buff Frigg.


Then you gotta love the new hero morel. Will see you in the nerf morel thread

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LOL…well, with Afrike you basically can’t lose if she fires. Not really a viable strategy for the 90% of the people that don’t have her.

@Rduke77 For me, the strategy varies per format used by the defending team. That’s why I wanted sample teams that @Bichon had faced. Then, we could talk specially about the strategy to attack “that” team and format. I do attack the different teams/formats in different ways. @Homaclese’s approach is definitely one approach. :wink:

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@Rduke77 That’s precisely it. If Frigg is in the traditional tank formation/position, I could stack 3 reds and run with that. If it’s a double, or reverse-double, and she is in the back, I can ignore her and bring Proteus. If she is in a traditional flank, it depends on who is in tank position, but I’ll bring along Malosi and cMelendor.

Every time I raid, I modify my team according to the defense setup so it’s difficult to say, team X works all the time.

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Now my response would be NO …
Do NOT nerf Frigg …. Leave her alone
There are more STRONG heroes on the horizon, she will soon lose some of her shine.
Look what happened to the nerf Telluria and nerf Vella fiasco. Nerfed to near oblivion and then all the new STRONG heroes drop in. Frigg being one of them.
What are you going to say when Finley and other such event heroes get a costume and then LBs on top of that too.
SG have already said their game plan is to make heroes stronger and stronger and currently planning S5 heroes. It’s set in stone and none of it is negotiable …
We just have to live with the fact that new and better heroes are becoming readily available (if you spend) and people will chase them to stay on top and keep up with the Jones’.
I wish you well in finding ways to overcome Frigg and other such heroes

Cry baby cry​:-1:t2::-1:t2::-1:t2: i think ull even ask DAWA to be nerf coz u cant beat her also​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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So Morel and Theobald have been released and Frigg is still OP in defense hehe. As I supposed, the more new heroes will be released, the more clear would be that Frigg is too strong, Theobald could have been a real counter for Frigg but I can’t understand why, while Ursena and Mitsuko are average, Theobald is slow why doesn’t SG staff see how much we need a real counter for Frigg? What a waste, they have missed an opportunity to balance the game :frowning:

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