Frigg needs a big nerf

I use gazelle and mana controllers team against alfrike. The key is not to get her charged. I also don’t expect to win everytime :woman_shrugging:t2:

What was your TP and what was opponents’?
This forum likes to ignore TP and troops and then cries why they can’t beat 4700+ teams with their best 4100…

My TP was 4600 and both alfrike’s 4700, so there was not a huge difference in team power. I don’t have Gazelle, but as I’ve stated before, I was using two good counters for Alfrike and even one for Frigg’s defense down (Loki and Garnet), but given that there is not a real counter for Frigg, it was too difficult to win. I usally watch homaclese videos, I like them, but I don’t trust the team shown when the board is too lucky. Obviously with my team and a lucky board I would have won, but the problem is that with a normal/bad board I was able to win when no Frigg Odin flanks were involved, whereas the only way I could have won against those frigg - alfrike - odin defenses would had been with a lucky board. That’s why Frigg is op / there are no real counters for her as far as I’m concerned and is so common in defence.

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She may have a real counter if SG decide to make Theobald with average mana.

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Please let this thread die.


Agreed! Let this thread die! @Guvnor, it’s time to Close this thread! Thx! :yawning_face:

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Repeating lots of this, but seems it is needed:

  • Stack reds and kill her with 3 tiles
  • Bai Yeong essentially cripples her special
  • Drake, Joon, Dr Moreau, Justice, Neith - as above but not as effective
  • Starving her of green tiles essentially cripples her
  • Zocc completely removes her special
  • Proteus, Mist, Leopitia, various silencers - all delay her special long enough for you to handle her/the rest of her team
  • Alfrike - as per Zocc
  • Grimble/Alfrike with a summoner in defense - same as above, but Alfrike fires in 9 tiles with 5 minions on the field
  • Any cleanser to damage control after she fires
  • Lady Loki as per point above, with added benefit of using her defense down against her team
  • Myztero as per point above but quicker although without the cleanse
  • C Melendor not only cleanses her but also recovers the health lost to her special - he is one of the best cheap, relatively easily available counter to her

I am sure I have missed a bunch…

Depending on any given raid I either target her early with some form of mana disruption if she is going to be a threat, or if the tiles are low I will take the hit from her and eaisly recover. In many matches I leave her until last as alone she cannot do much

When both Frigg and Odin are in play then correct sequence, timing and selective targetting is key. Whichever is the bigger threat is neutralised first (usually the one with most tiles in the board) and if I have no other choice I make sure Odin attacks before Frigg so he doesn’t get her defense down

She is still one of the best defensive heroes in the game, and in my opnion better than the S4 heroes - as is the case for many of the S3 heroes. However, there are so many strategies and counters against her that she cannot be considered OP. And as has been stated in offense she is very far from OP, and other than in my green stack and in auto-farming I rarely use her. I take C Brienne against 14* blue titans instead of her.


I won’t comment your Grimble/Alfrike strategy because there are too many counters for summoners and the key is not how to take advantage of summoners in defense (like charging mana to all thanks to grimble or applying a dot damage thanksa to uraeus), but how to counter Frigg appropriately. My last experience was against Frigg-Alfrike-Odin, so no summoners involved. I won’t even consider an approprieate counter for Frigg heroes like Myztero or Lady Loki because everybody has them. Maybe C Melendor is the closest to an available counter, but he is too squishy, he must be alive after the frigg odin punch.

  • Stack reds and kill her with 3 tiles

Ok when she is the tank, not that clear when she is the flank and when with the combo frigg/odin you must get rid of green and yellow tiles.

  • Bai Yeong essentially cripples her special.
  • Drake, Joon, Dr Moreau, Justice, Neith -as above but not as effective
  • Zocc completely removes her special
  • Proteus, Mist, Leopitia, various silencers
  • Alfrike - as per Zocc

Bai yeong, Drake, Joon, Moreau, Justice, Neith, Proteus, Alfrike and so on… they are counters for any offensive ability, the possibility to miss or silence were also effective for Gravemaker-Telluria-Vela, in fact Drake, Joon, Justice, Neith, Proteo, Hel… were available heroes at that time, but however Telluria and Vela were nerfed. Why? Because the fact that in the game there are silence or miss heroes doesn’t mean that there aren’t OP heroes just because with the right board you can stop their specials or make them miss.

As I said before, a real counter for a hit all like Vela is Mitsuko, a real counter for Odin is Ursena, there is a lack of green riposte heroes (even 4 stars like we have in other colours: boril for blue, cipriano for purple or mack for red) or heroes that riposte only green abilities and damage like Ursena and Mitsuko do for yellow and blue. I have not said that there are no counters for Frigg as some heroes are counters for any special, I know that any cleanser will get rid of the defense down and any healer will heal for her damage, what I’m trying to say is that there are no real counters which is different, which is a problem if you think about this hero: One of the best speeds? Fast. One of the best classes? Rogue. One of the strongest abilities? Damage to all. One of the best status? Defense down. Where do you find the whole pack? In Frigg.

However, let’s see what happens in the next months, when all the s4 heroes will be released and Frigg will still be in almost every top defense.


I’m convinced that Frigg has an invisible boost to the rogue talent. She dodges 80% of the special attacks I fire at her! I started tracking exactly 30 days ago and she has dodged 162 of the 204 specials I’ve fired at her. That’s some obvious skewing of the advertised rate…or I am severely unlucky versus Frigg. I simply hate the cheating ■■■■■.


Same, whenever she dodges my special, it is downhill from there. Doesn’t matter how much of an advantage you have at first because once she dodges, you will hear boss music playing in the background. She is that terrifying with the rogue class


I have found the same - which has led me to alter my strategy. If I have Zocc with me I use him on her - doesn’t matter if she dodges. Same with Alfrike. Otherwise I starve her of green tiles whilst focusing my damage on other big hitters such as Odin. I often leave her standing until last as she can’t do anything by herself


Maybe SG should only allow Aife on defense. For everyone. Hey wouldn’t that be nice? You wouldn’t have to think about synergies and the appropriate heroes for every fight. You wouldn’t even have to level up any heroes or even consider the board for that matter. You just close your eyes and move your hands. Voila every game is a win and life is peachy.

Seriously now? There are people, many people who have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and money trying to built their rosters, given considerable thought to their strategies and synergies so they can progress in the game. There are also people who don’t have deep rosters but they got lucky at some point in the game to get a Telluria, a Frigg or a Black Night and it’s giving them a bit of an edge and renews their interest in the game.

Who are you and what gives you the right to waltz in screaming with you crybaby mentality “mama it’s not easy on me make it easier”



Some people find Frigg easy to fight, while others do not. Fact.

So just who are you to waltz in here and mock and shame people for having a differing opinion from yours?

When are you going to nerf frigg? So of course all whales will say he’s a balanced hero, but it’s not true. He’s a completely cheated hero. So when? And by the way, don’t hesitate to take a look at bera/freya.

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There are lots of very strong heroes at the moment and the way SG is taking this game every new season and every new event the heroes get bigger and stronger and more desirable.
So it’s inevitable that we will see more nerf this hero and buff this hero threads.
Then we are going to have Costumes rolled out for Event heroes.
And then the new ‘Breaker” things that I need to read up about.
At the end of the day every hero and every team in this game can be beaten. Admittedly it’s harder for some than others.
But at the moment I don’t see any heroes that have “broken” the game in a way that the trio of Telluria / Vela / Gravemaker did.
Just my opinion and just my two pennies worth …


Totally agree @JGE! Frigg is no more of a pain in the a.s than

  • Sif at tank in the reverse format or double format

  • Bera or Freya at tank in any format

  • Odin (nothing else needs to be said)

  • The ninjas especially one you combine 3 on a team!

  • Elizabeth with her fiends

This list can go on and on with these new heros that have been released and the new ones slated to come out soon!

Leave Frigg alone unless SG plans on addressing them all at the same time!

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And so? When for the nerf? It’s to know if I stop the game now …

You should stop the game now


You took the words right out of my mouth @Homaclese! :wink:

It’s a game! Enjoy the game and enjoy the challenge! If it was as easy as @Bichon (and others) appears to want it, no one would play the game! Frigg, Sif, Odin, the Ninjas, the S4 heros, etc., all make for a challenging experience which keeps us coming back for more! If it didn’t, we would all be playing something else! :wink:


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People are still…still ■■■■■■■■ about Frigg. Please move on. Elena just kicked my ■■■ three times. Shall I create a nerf thread about Elena then?


Oh man, not again! Wait I’m thinking you dont have Frigg? Neither do I :slight_smile: and i dont want her or any other hero to be nerfed? Why?
Cause, more heros will be released soon enough that will make Frigg look like a 4* :slight_smile: if she is nerfed. You know what happened to Telly and Vela!
#stopNerfRequests #NoNerf

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