Frigg needs a big nerf

I used to be a supporter of the idea that she was op so on. Comparing her with incoming heroes, she becomes either normal or below average. The right move in this situation should be complaining of the new too strong heroes rather than debuffing the current ones.

So, ever try it or do you just dismiss them out of hand? So we’re talking about Frigg herself, if you want to discuss Bera/Freya tank setups, then you’re off-topic and there’s another thread to discuss, where I’ve put up my usual raid attack which involves cGormek-Leonidas-Joon-Malosi-cMelandor. 4 S1 heroes, and 2 of them epic. I don’t win them all, but I win enough.

Yes Frigg is op, I’m not off-topic, I talked about bera/freya (and also about Guinevere-Seshat) to show you what I consider good counters for strong heroes: you just need one out of the seven possible counters to make it work (in your roster costume gormek, other players would use grimble or skadi or captain of diamonds…), those counters are of several colours (gormek is red, captain and skadi are blue, grimble is dark) and however you are not forced to use a specific colour.
Whereas for Frigg you must use greens to get rid of green tiles, is there any green riposte hero? No. Frigg is fast, and that means that her counter riposte hero should be fast as well because it has to fire before she fires. The riposte heroes you mentioned (boril, cyprian) not only they are s1 4 star heroes, but they aren’t fast and they don’t resist the defense down ailment. So yes, they can counter the Frigg/Odin combo, I’ve used them, but they succeed only if you have a lucky board, and however you need an additional hero to counter the defense down, and you can’t rely on your snipers to kill frigg before she fires because she is a rogue and evades most of the times. Several heroes to counter just one hero reminds me of pre nerfed Telluria where you needed red heroes, an antiminion, a dispeler and a cleanser to counter her.

The difference between Tell & Frigg is that Tels special was the same every time whereas Friggs is dependant on the no. of green tiles which is in constant flux. Tel has a lot of other stuff going on, el link, innate ability, etc. but Frigg has only the attack & def. down. Hence she is sometimes powerful with 8 or more tiles when firing & sometimes weak with just 1 or zero tiles. So she lies somewhere in between. She definitely doesn’t need nerfing ESPECIALLY with the introduction of season 4 !!! I mean come on !!! We need better heroes to combat those not worse & especially not nerfing currently used heroes. U know I’m right !!

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there is no nerf needed she has her weeknesses … just learn how to use them


Morel is in Beta… how about fast, AOE hitter with uncleansable defence down? And ranger class to make your life to punch through your reflect and defence buffs.
Power creep is real!

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exactly! Morel is another strong candidate for nerf begging if they release him as in beta now. Actually much stronger candidate than Frigg, Telly, Vel and every other hero before Morel. Everyone will forget Frigg when Morel hits the regular version of E&P.

Show us what team you are using to attack the Frigg/Odin combo.

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I went through a LOT of frigg Odin’s to get here. And a whole lotta refills so there were definitely some losses. But overall I was probably hitting at least an 80% win rate vs frigg bera Odin.

I used skadi c kiril malicna dr moreau and grimble


Imagine that the tank is Morel instead of Bera. Bera/Freya, as I stated before, have clear counters, that’s the reason why they are not op, Frigg doesn’t have such counters. Your team against a tank like Morel wouldn’t be as efective, because you don’t get easily Skadi stacks and definately not grimble mana for all your allies.

There is no riposte green hero, there is no fast riposte hero, there is no any good hero to use against frigg inmune to defense debuff, so all the counters mentioned here need a good board to succeed.

I get to the top in global using malosi, vivica, siff, ureaus, wu.

Odin and frigg are tough but doable.

Iv even beaten a top player with frigg, bera, odin with just vivica siff ureaus 3v5.

Define what is a good board?

Frigg is 95% of the time on flank, with a bera/Freya tank 80% of the time. If frigg is tank its easy to stack against her
Who else are you worried about?

this is not about Frigg but it is about Morel. Why nerfing Frigg again when Morel will be the toughest out that?
And I am sure soon or later, we will find a way how to beat trio Frigg, Morel, Odin.

So pls, don’t ask for nerfs of released heroes as any nerfs are destroying game and whole community even more than releasing OP heroes.

We have seen what happened after Veluria fiasco. Nerfing of released heroes is robbery!

Lets talk about buffs rather than nerfs.

I’m not just talking about nerfing what I consider an op hero, I’m also talking about releasing the right heroes to counter too strong heroes. For Guinevere, they released an excellent counter like Seshat, for Bera/Freya they have released Uraeus, costume gormek… I can’t think about any clear counter for Frigg, if they released a fast green hero with riposte, it would be a good counter, just 80% riposte or like Ursena/Mitsuko, riposte for a specific colour (green), that would be enough, but it must be a fast hero so the riposte is ready before frigg fires.

Now that s4 heroes are out we have seen some changes in defense: Garnet out, Elizabeth in for istance. Time will say what happens with frigg/odin, but the more s4 heroes will be released that don’t replace those two heroes in defense, the more right this post will be.

Any 9 tile hero will likely to be ready to fire before a Frigg in the flank. Options to counter her off the top of my head include:

  • Deprive of green tiles
  • C Melendor - before she fires if you are afraid of her damage, or after she fires if you need to remove the defense down. Applies to other defense up heroes like Kiril
  • Zocc or Proteus or any other mana controller
  • Kill her with tiles especially stacked reds
  • Sniping is not recommended due to her dodge. Usually I try to take out Odin instead as if there is no AOE hero firing after her then her special is recoverable. Hit-3 or AOE specials are OK to use against her
  • Any kind of reflect hero
  • Taunt heroes
  • C Kad and other dodging heroes
  • Blind her
  • Avoid vertical tiles into her if possible

stop nerfing things… some heros… are better then others… that’s the game… it happens…

The problem is that a defense team is not just Frigg, ok everybody knows that a fast AOE hit is one of the strongest abilities and applying defense down to all make things even worse, but there are 5 heroes in a defense team. I would not consider epic s1 heroes as counters for Frigg, as they are likely to die very fast, they won’t be that helpful until the end unless they have tanky stats like Gullinbursti.

Evade heroes like costume Kadilen or Jade are not easy to get, the same goes for taunt heroes, there are 2 taunt heroes in the game (plus one taunt minion hero), all of them event heroes available once or twice a year. We are talking about 5 difficult to get heroes, how many of you have that roster? Not to talk that they are counters for any hero, not particularly Frigg. Blocking mana, evading or having taunt activated is a counter for any ability, not for an AOE hitter with defense down. The specific counter for and AOE hitter is a riposte hero.

On the contrary, Skadi, Grimble, Uraeus and Noor (and even Prof. Lidenbrock for Bera) are specifically minion counters easier to get because some of them were recent HOTM or are available every month. Let’s hope one of the next HOTM will be a green riposte hero or a hero that ripostes specifically green like Mitsuko/Ursena, we already have riposte heroes in every colour except for green where is most needed considering Frigg flank was on 54% of the top 100 in the period January-February 2021 according to titanmafia review and it will be much higher in the next period in review for sure.

Just go … oh, to be polite, “learn how to use them” is a sh***y response. How about something like, “practice, practice, practice.” Or some constructive feedback like “when Frigg is getting close to firing, try to shoot off all your green tiles. You’ll get the hang of it after awhile. :smiley:

So, practice your positive feedback for a change. You’ll get the hang of it after awhile.

See how that works? Nifty, huh?

She does 300-400 points of dmg to all, how is that OP?

You’re screwed only if you already have defense down, just don’t get the defense down… Cleanse cleanse cleanse.
3 red heroes takes care of her fast. Sometimes it’s better to adjust your team to flanks instead of tanks…

Once Odin on tourney did 1k damage to all of my 4s with lowered defense, now that $hit hurt !

After a 6 raids wining strike (I used a flask to finish the chest), my last losses today have been against teams with frigg - alfrike - odin (and vela, marjana / gefjon, cobalt as wings), even if I was using Lord Loki. I’m just curious to know which heroes would you use against that defense, because my roster is not bad, I was also using Garnet as healer to prevent Alfrike’s mindful attack and Cobalt as finisher, my attack team was not focused on taking down alfrikes tank because I was supposed to use her ability with Lord loki, but however I’ve lost terribly even in the retries. You can’t throw too many tiles on Alfrike because it’s too dangerous, but you can’t throw them on the flanks either! In fact I focused on charging Garnet or Lord Loki, but there was nothing I could have done. Some tiles on Frigg, she fires and there’s no recover from there, even if I protect my team against mindful attack and heal which I managed to do several times by the way given that I just need 6 tiles, frigg’s + alfrike + odin damage = all dead.
Whereas in all the previous raids with Alfrike tank I didn’t have that problem, even if in some cases Alfrike fired, I was able to survive and recover.
I’m dying to see the next period in review, if you check the best 100 there are even teams with double friggs :smiley:

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