Frigg needs a big nerf

No offense about cropping. Still don’t understand how hit-all of same dark element is :green_apple: to :tangerine:
Would you like me to expand the comparison to other elements?
I don’t think this will be a problem.

No we don’t, agreed. But you should compare the dot. It’s damage that we’re talking about I think.
Khagan’s 4* little brother is the same way. He has big damage, that is equivalent to a 5* stat. But is fragile. Could only focusing on Sir Lancelot’s damage be considered:

So for Khagan who has 120 less def and almost 98 less HP he does +430 damage that gets filtered through enemy defense. Can you help sort that out? I believe that 430 dmg on a 850 defense will come out very close to 88 dot over 2 rounds. Maybe even lower!

The dot will be 176 if the enemy has 1200 def. Khagan big hit won’t. As far as second hit goes. We’re back to comparing events and raids :disappointed:
But I think the damage is not so far away from comparison. While the speed, durability for Aesterius will make up for it.

Even @Ender_BattleSchool was able to see how the newer heroes were retiring his golden oldies.

These stats don’t appear to be slowing down. They are steadily increasing. I can provide more graphics to show these increasing stats if that’s necessary.
The speed certainly isn’t slowing down either!
At least the last Very Slow hero is worthy of being called such.
What happens to the other ones?

A costume…?

Apples to Oranges on the Darks that hit all because example hen-pecked the stats that supported a theory instead of taking in the totality of the card. I pointed out that I was using the same flawed logic, that just happened to be he part that was cropped out of my quote (funny how that happened).

Heroes being introduced with a different special that happens to counter others specials does not make them OP. It makes them unique. Are we really going to debate Malosi being OP and/or part of a conspiracy of power inflation?

The Ninja Tower may be arguably the most challenging game within the game. I imagine that the top players probably have access to a vast array of heroes in the game and would have specifically chosen the best heroes suited for the most challenging 50th floor. Certainly if there is power inflation we should see strong evidence of it there?

Let’s look at the usage of the top 10—shall we?

S1 28.00%
S2 10.00%
S3 8.00%
Ninja 6.00%
HOTM 18 6.00%
HOTM 19 22.00%
HOTM 20 6.00%
HOTM 21 0.00%
Challenge 10.00%
Seasonal 4.00%

Well … maybe we need to dig further … certainly there must be evidence of this power inflation:

S1 32.00%
S2 15.00%
S3 10.00%
Ninja 3.00%
HOTM 18 7.00%
HOTM 19 15.00%
HOTM 20 4.00%
HOTM 21 1.00%
Challenge 8.00%
Seasonal 5.00%

Help me sort out where the Power inflation is here?
I am seeing very few late-model HOTMs and only 10% S3 heroes compared to … 32% S1??

When the best of the best can choose any heroes they wish, those who take the top spots choose …

Worth noting that many of the S1 and S2 heroes were 3 and 4 heroes.

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Are you including costumes?
Because I don’t see these percentages of S1’s unless they have a costume on

I just looked and could only find one non-costumed S1


But… those stats…

Have a costume bonus…
And do not compare to his noncostumed self. Which hide from what is really happening to S1 heroes.

Ninja tower also, costumes galore. But it’s difficult to say who got used the most. And whether there was last gasp attempts

As soon as you put a costume on a hero. In my very debatable opinion… that hero ceases to be S1. And gains stats and an alter ego that morph him into something beyond the S1 bracket. Beyond… what you pull out of a training camp!

And unfortunately for that expensive costume you, and I…purchased from a premium portal.
They will soon no longer be exclusive.
Which is only going to make matters worse for the real S1 heroes…!
And eventually…
the S1 costumes as well…

I can make more graphics that will show how all elements are gaining strength, speed and stats.
But when Easter comes. I won’t have to.
Everyone will see very plainly

Also Also… what does this mean?

I showed the entire card!
In all comparisons… I drew lines between the speeds, stats and the skills of the… entire cards!
If I do continue creating explicit comparisons using the entire card, I would like to know before wasting further time how that is hen pecking or leaving something out…

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Two things happening here:

  1. Hen-Pecking again: Pointing out that the 31 of the 32 S1 heroes have costumes, but failing to acknowledge the fact 25% of them (8) were 3* and three of those had zero emblems while another 5 were 4* (one without emblems).

Or are we to now believe that costumed S1 3* are stronger than S3?
(Gunnar Costume was expensive?!—really?)

  1. Yes, But … The common, never-ending argumentative tool:

32% of the winning teams used S1 heroes:
Yes, but … they had costumes
Yes, but … they had emblems
Yes, but … they ahd amazing troops
Yes, but … they had amazing boards.

I don’t argue with buts.

I’m not saying yes to any of that.

No… you don’t have to pay for boards
No… you don’t have to pay for troops
No… you don’t have to pay for emblems
Troops, emblems and boards?
Definitely have NOT been part of the discussion. This is called misdirection.
I haven’t even been talking about 3 or 4* heroes. 3 and 4* event and season heroes are what you get with your earned coins. 3 and 4* costumes are what you get with your keys.

5* Costumes are different.
No Costumes are available in your training camp…

So you have been talking about costumes, this whole time?!

Let me ask you 2 questions:

  1. Why did we need costumes to begin with? If S1 heroes have… kept up… then why did they make costumes?

  2. Is non-costumed S1 Justice just as equally good as Thor?

#1. Was asked above already and I copy/pasted the answer from SG.

#2. More Hen-Pecking

I am done with this conversation. Good luck with your game.

You copy pasta an announcement about Costume Chamber release. There was Zero answers to Why it was made there. The answer is not rocket science. Not hard to see. And certainly isn’t hen pecking or insults. Which I agreed to avoid…

And after Easter. Some forward thinkers will wonder what is to become of the costumes they paid for, a long with all other premium content that dulls over time

For the record:


If SG wants to maintain any semblance of balance with the continued direction, there should never be a nerf ever again.


I understand the first nerf of Odin and Frigg has worked fairly well, but let’s face it, Frigg still needs a bit of a nerf.

But, don’t change her skill, just switch her CLASS!
I recall when Kageburado was a Rogue, he was too powerful. Needed to be killed early but you couldn’t risk throwing away your skills for nothing if he dodged. After he turned into a Barbarian, everything seems more balanced.

Not only Frigg is being too powerful as a Rogue, this also opens up a possibility of her getting paired with Odin. So, yeah, I’d love to see her class changed to a Paladin as well. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I think some other classes like Cleric or Sorc would definitely already give more balanced field than her current Rogue class now.

It’s something like was with Telluria after release - 43 minutes offline. Still in TOP 5
They did it again :slight_smile:

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Come on, there is no strategy on this vídeo
1- Taunt
2- Taunt
4- No Taunt, no victory
5- Taunt
6- Dark diamond using Alfrike? Just Luck

If you have 6 offensive options like this, It is easy.

Can you show me How to do It? Please, I would like to see this videos and learn how to beat Frigg Odin using 4* vanilla Heroes.


Its there ■■■■■■■ own fault for releasing such untested heroes.
Come on dude, compare such fast heroes to others and tell how many are even comparable.

I agree that nerfs are bull crap in the first place but is that a reason not to correct failures?

Anyways, this game gets more and more frustrating and luck based. The problem isnt that she cant be beaten, the problem is the chances to win against a comp with her. Balance a game is key but what do we gamers know. We are just cows to milk


I don’t entirely disagree with you. But…
Somehow if I make any comparisons at all, I am hen pecking by discounting a premium portal that was released 15 months ago…

So I just…
Am losing the energy to agree.
Besides, this won’t stop here! You can rest assured there will be a new meta soon that remains strong while the player is…


You literally replied to this thread. See genuineness’s comment above, “search gr33dy on YouTube” he’s a player in an alliance named Kobyer (sp). Start on or if that’s a struggle,

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In Arche’s defense. I looked too and Gr33dy’s videos are really long!
Don’t speak the language and wasn’t sure where to begin.
I tried sorting through a few anyway, looking for those vanilla 4* and gave up after a while.

If the vanilla 4* vid could be linked like @Arche asked. Maybe with a time stamp if it’s one of the +90 minutes videos.
That would help tremendously!


Because those of us that defended Telli before she was ruined were right.


I did, I found the Channel but It is not my language and was hard to understand and found the right one. I take a look on some of them but I didn’t found it. Do you have a link or an image of It?

Yeah… I’m sorry… I do feel bad about that but, we were supposed to reign it in!
Not continue plundering

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Why in the world would you think you can beat elite 5* heroes with vanilla 4*?

You can do it with Boril…just gotta get lucky.

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