Frigg needs a big nerf

Please, please please stop this discussion! We went down the same path with Telluria and Vela! Look where that got us! Instead of having 2 great heros front and center in our defenses, wars and raids, we have 2 mediocre heros collecting dust on the bench! Stop already!

Look, Frigg and Odin are great additions to the game! For those who have been lucky enough to get them, GREAT! For everyone else, your time will come eventually. Don’t look at these heros as a threat to the game, but better yet, look at them as a challenge to over come! Be a competitor. Remember, it’s just a game! No one really dies in the end! Look at what you have and try different combinations! There is always more than one way to “skin a cat” as the saying goes!

I really do believe this thread show go away before it cause more damage than it already has! Please find something other to focus on! (i.e. League of Villians, Mythic Titans, new raid formations, new raid rules, new HOTM, to name a few)

As always, IMHO!


Frig and Odin have to be nerfed, they are OP. At least once more as previous update. And it will still be awesome heroes all will wish to get.
I hat to play vs same defence 3 ninjas + odin and frigg its boring!

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Frigg, Odin and specially the Ninjas with that dodge ability are totally broken and definitely need a nerf asp.


Guys… relax… they will get nerfed!
Before the year ends there will be new costumes and S4 heroes that will replace them!

And by the end of next year Frigg and Odin will need Costumes!

That Nerf Program, while expensive… and thankless…
Is much less harmful than trying to balance quickly.

Besides… they aren’t going to stop this trend. They can’t! Otherwise people stop spending because they don’t need the balanced pulls. They will keep doing this!

So Chill!
And watch people spend fortunes on something that is guaranteed to expire!


Urgh, please just as fast as possible, so the next big thread becomes ‘lepiota needs a big nerf’ and Frigg can be left alone. Pretty please SG, S4 the month after S3?

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Yup. Agreed.

Funnily enough just saw this… Judo: A strategy for fighting Frigg & Odin that probably everyone can utilize

The problem is like NLR described in an older video that when the game gets more and more in the direction that the player has no control or chance it gets frustrating and boring. Made a test yesterday with various setups and strategies because I love the challenge. I’ve lost 8 times against Frigg, Bera, Odin combo in a row :laughing: for me Bera is more difficult to handle than BK with the mana cut when you kill her. In lne fight I had a diamond to start and only Frigg and Cobalt left. Unfortunate cascade happened and my team with full health was done (Rigard, Leonidas ©, GM, Malosi, Gazelle). I have 21 maxed 5* so not a bad roster to take on high defs. But I’m more curious now how I can beat them then I request a nerf (hated back then that they nerfed Telli/Vela). Btw great content from you and NLR. You might could help me with my Frigg/Odin problem?

I agree, but I also think there’s plenty of control to be had to help beat these heroes. However, if one doesn’t have any of the good counters then they probably won’t have much success, which is not unreasonable.

I firmly believe that Bera is the best raid defense tank in the game right now. I just saw one today sit at over 3100 cups for 7 hours. I have NEVER seen that before. But, I also just ate up three hyper-elite Bera teams in a row with Skadi and a lowly costume Kiril.

Thank you! I personally like to go green against Frigg since with her defense down she’s most dangerous. Emblemmed Hansel can be great, Kingston is green to give Frigg and Odin huge attack down, costume Kiril, etc. Basically, solidify where the danger is and start searching your roster to brainstorm counters that you have.



Would be really great for me if I could contact you in line if you might allow it? So you might could give me some advice what I can do with my current roster against that new meta. At the moment I’m really screwed and demotivated because I’ve tried a lot of different things. Mono for me is no option :rofl:

Here is the list of the total nerfs and buffs since June of 2017. Can you show us where the “trend” is to which you are referring?

From this data, it sure seems the “trend” is more likely that they release underpowered heroes that get buffs later—not OP heroes that get nerfed.

Facts matter.


you were soooooooooooooooooooo wrong mate

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Now that I have pulled her, you can definitely expect that she gets nerfed again and again till she’s the new Horghall.

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Who needs facts if you have:


For the visual learners:

Nerfs Buffs copy


I do not quite agree with your retort. Because it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of these weaknesses in relation to the nerfs. I have a question what did the buff give: Horghall, Leonidas or Khagan in opposition to the nerfing Vela, Telluria? Also, feel a lot of buffs for characters 3 * or 4 *. Basically none at the meta of the game.

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You should put May and Oct 2020 there as well. It will greatly amplify the end spike!

Unfortunately… of the 31 buffs in Oct. only Victor was not a S3 hero.

Which gives you credence for releasing weak heroes. They do that sometimes too! No argument from me there!
The trend I refer to in the current Nerf Program refers to portals, and continually bloating stats, speed, and skill strength.
So that you “chase” the new, not so “weak” releases. The new event heroes in particular are easy to compare to Obakan. Did you even give Khagan rings?
Why is Ursena no longer a common tank?

Now… look at the upcoming stats next.
Still climbing! How else do you make money right?

Why are older heroes falling behind then? Is there some other reason why costumes were created? If you are not continually spending money. Then… you are steadily nerfed… this is the trend I speak of. Not… actual nerfs. You can read further and see that I agree with you about the ratio.

But apprehensive about buffs these days. Are costumes…

those are 2 very different things

To be precise, I meant. March 22, 2019 Balance Update.

  • Khagan: Damage changed from damage to target and minor damage to nearby enemies to damage to target and nearby enemies. Direct damage increased from 305% to 320%.
  • Horghall: Direct damage increased from 225% to 235%.
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Love it!

Too bad they don’t matter to everyone

The word “nerf” is a trigger word.
And balance is a war zone.
I’ve said elsewhere that balance is not broken right now.
There is a nice mix currently. I would rather see Frigg altered than nerfed.

But… maintaining lucrative portals has developed a trend. Does anyone truly need a chart to see that?

This is very important!

Big spenders are in the same boat as F2P.

You can purchase more options than a F2P. But as SG continues to raise the bar. Your lesser options, which you paid for…eventually will sit on the sidelines. And those are typically F2P best options.
Even though, your higher on the ladder we are all on a ladder that is continually extended. So keep spending, until your previous purchases (including Frigg and Odin) collect dust.

I don’t advocate entitlement. Or that everyone should be top 100.

I’m saying there is a tipping point. We found it last year. And rather than blast each other with:
"you don’t know how to play"
“cry baby”
Or… on the flip (buff) side:
“Hot garbage”


Oh what am saying… :joy:
That will never end.

Nevermind. I’ll leave you guys too it.

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