Frigg needs a big nerf

If an overpowered hero comes out that completely upsets the balance there’s 2 outcomes.

  • You nerf that hero and upset those who pulled them

  • You don’t nerf them… Meaning most heroes prior to that one have in effect been given a stealth nerf just by the new heroes existence

Power creep is going to happen, most will accept that.

However, the speed and degree of power creep in the last year has been staggering and if it continues the game won’t survive as few people can afford to keep up.

Season 1 heroes were still viable through almost the whole of Season 2 and the HOTM’s that came out during the first 3 years.

Yes, they did lose ground gradually but you really only had Gravemaker and Guinevere who massively upset the balance overnight.

Season 3 saw a much bigger creep but costumes managed to bring it back to a somewhat acceptable level.

The last year though has seen the likes of Finley, Jabberwocky, the GTV fiasco, Odin/Frigg and the ninjas completely transform the game.

All S1 heroes(even with costumes), along with most S2 and first 20 odd HOTM’s are now pretty much redundant.

The new villain event and S4 heroes seem to show that is only going to continue.

Instead of seeing heroes slowly being replaced and superseded over time, we’re instead seeing team lineups needing to be completely replaced every couple of months.

The cost, time and effort involved in that is just driving everyone apart from the whales away.

A hero I got 3 years ago being essentially useless now isn’t unreasonable but to have almost half the heroes I got barely a year ago being completely outclassed so quickly is unreasonable.