Friendly Match Energy Refill Timer

Please add a timer to show how long until the friendly match energy is refilled, you can’t currently tell.

Not sure if this post should be categorized as a feature request or as an issue? All other energy/flag refills in the game have timers and this one was forgotten.

My guess its on a 24 hour basis.
So 10 o’clock in the morning you use your fist flag then it starts from then and then 10 o’clock the next day it starts again.
I’ll ask :+1:

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I thought I saw it refresh at around the same time daily. but I could be mistaken

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@CoachNeiko Yeah I think it does reset at the same time every day. Not sure exactly what time. For me I think it’s sometime within the next few hours. Not sure if same time for everyone.

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that sounds about right. I think it is sometime between 7-9 pm AST

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Midnight GMT for me, using early or not.

So it’s daily.


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