Friendly board raids easier than regular raids

Friendly raid boards have a higher probability of getting a great board than regular raids. It seems that boards are not calibrated to the level of heroes and troops while playing a friendly raid. Whereas in regular raids the number of color tiles are calibrated to specific arena (bronce, silver, gold, diamond), friendly raids always get higher odds of color tiles making it easier to make fast speed combos and to destroy your friends team.


It’s funny but… I did find myself questioning on Line if all of our defenses were really that bad.
No one lost…


Yes, and the problem is loosing interest in a feature that could be really great for testing heroes and defense teams


It was at the beginning… Today, a series of terrible boards. Also couldn’t give a valuable feedback to a teammate… Because with those boards I’d lose against anybody. :laughing:

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A friend just won a friendly raid with two moves. Can we upload videos here?

I upload it on YT, and then post here. :slight_smile:
I get your point, and really, first two days it was like that. Great boards. Like this one bellow:

But today it was another story. Maybe we could give it some time to rebalance. :joy:

Thanks for sharing your video… 3/2 with 4* heroes against a full defense team, lots of combos, very few moves…

Wait what?
Why does random need time to start behaving randomly?

We’re still seeing spectacular boards here. Using 3*'s to pick on our 4700+ D.
And then having fun with Line chat.

I’m going to need some statistics before I give any credence at all to this theory.

My hypothesis is this - a bad board in war or raids is demoralising and annoying, so we remember it. A bad board in a friendly raid is irrelevant to our game progress, so can be forgotten.


Have you had anyone lose, @JonahTheBard?

I’m wondering if the Defense didn’t get the % boost. But no one looked. Just one video after another of devastating mono boards :heart_eyes:

I don’t use mono so I didn’t judge. But apparently our entire alliance has terrible defenses :joy:

All your base are belong to us

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’m happy to have my mind changed with cold, hard maths.

The defence boost question is slightly different to blaming skewed tile drops, but an interesting idea.

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I just tried today and struggled a bit more. Even got a board reshuffle with my rainbow!

Guess they did fix the… random…

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We were commenting on noticing the boards seem easier. A couple of us even used 4 star teams to go after normally tough defenses, just for fun.

We all wish the war rules vould be added, do we can really test our defenses.

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Actually, in general I use 4* heros against defences like this with much success, but that’s irrelevant for the topic. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video of today’s battles to show that board does not need to be great, so I hope my word counts as evidence. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmmm? This proven or confirmed?

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Definitely not!

I’ve never even seen this speculated before.


Boards are easier depending the level. When you play the first levels boards are easier. Like the first levels of season one. In season two is not as easy to make combos or align diamonds. The same goes for the arenas. Drop your cups to bronce And you will see how easy is to make combos and to form diamond

My request is that friendly raid boards are programmed like regular raids. I don’t know how they are calibrated. If according to the arena of the player being attacked or to the arena of the player that is attacking. The goal is have the same difficulty that you get in regular raids

Simple- in war and raids you are on a ladder system- win a few raids suddenly the boards are altered so you lose the next. Friendly doesn’t use the ladder you you see less nerfing. Hence, friendly feels so much easier

The ladder system gets you harder opponents, not harder boards. Equivalent boards vs harder opponents will only feel worse because you have less opportunities to set yourself up

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