Friendly battles improvement

Dear SG,

First thank you for finally implementing this feature, it has a lot of defense team testing benefits within an alliance. Unfortunately we still only drive a lada instead of a mercedes (no offense to lada owners).

The current mechanism feels only like a demo version of what it could be. I know additional features were requested during beta - and even if the allocated development time for this did only allow to release a limited version, I hope it could receive a bit more attention and additional coding.

What I miss the most and consider it as top priority:

  • Allow us to choose a war or tournament rule when starting a friendly battle.


  • The current mechanism only allows us to test alliance member defense teams in the environment of a standard raid defense ruleset. For most of us this is not the most or only important aspect of the game. Testing war defense setups within the existing rulesets (arrow, rush, horde, etc) is almost impossible to simulate and the testing with the standard ruleset does not give us a real picture of what our defense team can do. The same is valid for tournament preparations and testing in tournament conditions as bloody battle or buff booster.

Additional UI improvement option:

  • In relation to the above, I believe it would be preferred if we would not need to change our raid defenses for testing. Sometimes we need to test setups that are not ideal for standard raid defense and leave it there for a longer time for our alliance mates to attack. Or we would like to test our 3 or 4 star defenses for upcoming tournaments. A separate place to set our friendly battle defenses would be most welcome.

Thank you, Ronny

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