Friendly Battles / Going E-Sport

I think its a good time to give this game the possibility of going further, to let this grown community to be able to have a more competitive aspect.

How can be it possible? Implementing an option to challange others, to be able to fight friends(need to be a friendlist first) or alliance mates. With time the community could start celebrating tournaments, streaming the game via twitch etc .

While I think this is an interesting direction, E&P would fall far from an actual E-Sport. There is just too much RNG in the game for it to qualify as such. There is also no way to have a live 1v1 match (or X v X) like other games since you are playing a board of pseudo-randomly generated tiles against someone’s defense team. The defender is not actively doing anything.

If SG decided to add the possibility to challange people you can have a good show if its well organized.
For example . A tournament could be done with the following rules . I face you in a battle. The result could be decided to a best of 3 . And with rotating defenses.
For example before the battle you show me 5 teams. I have to ban you two teams and i have to beat your remaining three teams. And you the same .

I agree with you that there is too much rng involved. But with the new line ups featured and with too many heroes and rules available i consider that E&P could come closer to an E-sport game. But first sg should allow people to interact each other more deeper. Like the possibility of challenging each other

@TheWizard, I believe the sentiment of your OP is basically the same as in this post which is the master for raiding team-mates/ friends:

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It has to do with that , though id like it to go further than that. Maybe a friendlist to extend the feature outside the alliance.

But if you consider that the post need to be merged there i wont contradict that. Its ok

Friend lists: Private Messages & Friends Lists, Player Search - Please add your comments & ideas here!


I’m open to keeping them separate but it seems to cover previously trod ground :slight_smile:

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