Friendly Battle button missing unless you access it through the alliance page

The button to raid an alli member is gone if you click on their avatar from the alli chat list. Same thing if you try on a titan results list or war page. The ONLY place it appears in when you go to the main alli page and click their avatar.

I noticed this today. Tried restarting game and device multiple times, on 2 different devices, and 2 accounts. Yes, I have all the game updates. A few in my alli have this problem, the rest are fine. Same in another alli.

Hi @S-Kay :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe this was part of the version 35.1 updates/fixes. Here’s the link to the OP:

And the actual info as well.

I hope this helps…



Thank you! Should we remove this topic then?

Hi @S-Kay,

I could be wrong, but I believe it will stay open for one month just in case there are others within the E&P community forum that have the same (or similar) question.


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