Friend invite fails or android issue? pointing to ios/blank page? update 26th may. works now

Another strange behaviour.

I am using my invite link:

I have a friend on android who is saying that when he copy-paste it in chrome this appears and nothing happens:

If I use my invite link in Chrome on PC this is where it takes me (ios version of the game):

Is this an android? or something is up with the feature?


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Sorry, I’ve been watching this thread in the hope that you get answers. I have no advice other than to create a support ticket. The friends I invited were by the old fashioned way by word of mouth - “join, or else” lol. If you need help with a ticket, just ask:)

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Sorry, just realized who posted this lol! You already know how to do a support ticket lol:) my bad! Dealing with a toddler at home is distracting:)


:blush: thank you :blush:

ticket created. any updates on this?

Verified on another android device; it works.

so its user error most likely.

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Got the same problem @_John_Doe

Hoped you would get an answer.

it’s redirecting you to ios? could be its android based? :thinking:

No, sorry. It gets to the redirect you mention and then nothing happens…

blank page? thats what happens on android chrome. yup

@Petri ?

Worked here too but only after installing IE on the phone and going through that.

For me worked from chrome

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