Friend free VIP help

A while ago I sent a invite to my friend for the game through the special invite thing. Today my friend hit level 10 so I opened up my game and the game showed my friend VIP pass popped up and I thought it was another pop up deal so I hit the “x” and now I can’t get the rewards in anyways I could find am I out of luck or can I do something

Should I send a ticket in or wait?

Try opening your inbox (letter icon) and check under the social or invite tabs

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Open your ingame inbox then go to invites that way you can get your VIP bonus.

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I tried those didn’t work I only see to SEND the invite not how to CLAIM the invite

It was just advertisement to invite people? Why would you get an invite ingame when you are already playing?

I never got a invite I was just claiming my rewards for doing so

Ok I get it. But I doubt that you can X a claim window

It wasn’t a “X” just “clicking off the pop up” is less clear

Did you check your activity log? Maybe you can see if you got it there!

It doesn’t show anything there

If you are certain that you invited your friend and he hit lv10 and you didnt receive your vip+gems then send a support ticket ingame. They can check your account

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