Friday massacre (or, what to do when core allies quit)

Sitting on a pile of… once called i am onslaught…

As a matter of fact it’s still called that .

You come home from a meeting with the board of your club and you’re seeing you’re leader. Your leader and 3 co leaders all 2500+ and level 50+ have left the allie leaving you with what’s left of it. Couple of long term players decided to even leave the game after the 3rd disappointment…

I’m left with what’s now suddenly nearly ia a trainingsallie. Looking what to do now. Choose for myself or the leftovers… blegh.

Need some advices… happy valentine indeed. Lol

If your co-leaders are level 50+ and they were only 2500+ TP, Something was not right…
At any rate I think you can ether start over and fresh. Or you can go to a new alliamce. Not sure what to say.

Either you decide to lead your own team of trainees and try to build a new empire from the ground up, or you leave and find another alliance. People are always recruiting.

Internal strife and drama can easily destroy an alliance. That’s why I left my original alliance and started my own and only allow in people I know and trust. You take a hit in that, you don’t have as many people, can’t kill big titans anymore, but at least you don’t have to worry whether or not the other 29 members are going to even hit the titan or use their war flags, etc. It really is a tradeoff… personally I don’t think it’s worth it trying to manage a large group by yourself, without a good solid co leadership team that you can depend on to keep things under control when you’re offline. Probably should just look for a new alliance or create your own with people you know you can depend on.

@parallelsys I think OP meant 2500 trophies, not team power.

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RIP on me lol.

Thanks for clarifying! Makes sense :slight_smile:

They were 4100+ tp… 2500+ cups indeed

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I think this is a good advice. We did the same. Not because of drama but because we wanted to grow even further were others where just ok where they were at.

If you’re looking for a home, Titan Apocalypse is looking for two. We kill 9* and 10*. Active in war. On Line but not mandatory. Search us out or hit me on Line. We’re well established.

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Did they make you the leader before they left…not soo clear in your post or I am just dumb :open_mouth:

If the leader’s role has gone lost you should try to merge your alliance with another one, if you would join an alliance with a training accademy this would be the best.

More players around the same bench level would find wars worthy of being played.

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I’m leader with 20 char

Moderator’s note: renamed thread for clarity

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I have not had to live through that, thankfully. My travels have led me to mid-level alliances which need a boost.

My current alliance is Snow-flake. It is a mirror image of i am onslaught. Come and look after the war. I am only a co-leader, but a merger is good for us both.

Yeah, and I am shameless

I am part of a 140K alliance currently fighting 10s and 11s…we have a couple spots open if you are interested, we are called TheMVP, i am fakepresident on that acct, we’d love to have you.

My alt has been part of several successful alliance mergers. I think that when you have an alliance that wants to grow and be more competitive and you find yourself with 10-15 members, looking for a merger is probably your best bet, possibly even into a merger of an existing alliance family. From what i’ve seen much more likely to be successful than trying to recruit 15-20 folks.

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