Frida with Wilbur

Hi, just a query really.
Ive noticed that Frida removes Wilburs shared damage buff with her enemy debuff.

Do other heroes with debuffs do this as well or is it a quirk with Frida and is it part of the design?


Any hero with dispel (like Frida) will dispel any active buff. Any hero with a normal (non-elemental) defense debuff will overwrite his defense buff.


I don’t have Frida, but I have Wilbur. Both Sonya and Melendor debuff the enemy of shared dmg. I’m fairly new, but it’s my understanding that any buff can be debuffed unless it’s non dispellable. With Wilbur, I’ve noticed that magnifies aoe, like Li Xiu. But if I want to snipe someone, I can heal with Melendor, then hit with Sonya, and all Sonya’s dmg is on the target. I think the attack up dmg down stays tho… someone more experienced may weigh in on that.

Don’t mind me, just linking some related threads for easier future searching:


Lol, thanks @zephyr1

That clears it up.

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It’s a very common question, clearly. :slight_smile:

Each time someone asks I try to link the previous threads together in hopes it’ll help future searchers.

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