Frida to 3 or Kiril to 4

Hi. I am missing one more warm coat to ascend one of my blue heroes. As I am F2P, it probably will take me quite a while to get another set. Right now, my choice is either Frida to 3, or Kiril to 4.
Both already max specials… So it is more for durability and ATK at this point. Leaning towards Frida, but seems like a lot in the forum said to max Kiril first…
I am in mid-silver RAID (1400-1500), level 26. Not a whole lot of heroes, 4 stars below:
Tib - 4/30
Rigard - 3/42
Colen - 3/60
Lixiu- 3/60
Frida - 2/49
Kiril - 3/57
Triton - 2/34
Kelile - 2/36

and a few max 3 stars (hawkmoon-C,Tyrum,Berden,Bane-C,Gunnar)

Thanks in advance

You should max Kiril, maxed 4* are stronger than 5* heroes at 3-70.


How many telescopes do you have?

But probably Kiril

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Definately Kiril!

Since you seem to be a rather new player, I advise to focus on your 3* and 4* heroes first. They consume much less resources to level and will be the base of your roster. Levelling your 4* heroes will be much faster and cheaper and that way help you to beat quests and cause more titan damage. That will help you to acquire ascension mats a bit faster. Frida is great of course, but she will probably be stuck on 3-70 anyway until you have the 6 scopes for her. Stick with 3* and 4* heroes for now. And start with 5* heroes once you have at least 20-25 4* heroes maxed.

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Kiril. Frida is weak at 3.70

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Kiril. I’d definitely prioritize building up your 4* roster before ascending the 5*'s to tier 3.


Echoing what others have said. Kiril.
I don’t have Frida, but Kiril maxed is a fantastic hero. I have used him to help me complete Hard Mode Atlantis, along with other things like Challenge Events.
Even now having had him max for a long time, I still use him in things. I have plenty of 5* heroes, but only 2 maxed (Justice and Miki). They take a lot of time and resources compared to 4* so definitely do 4* first. It’s just then prioritizing the 4* of each element/colour to do first.


I have 1 telescope only.
So, i will go with Kiril. Thanks a bunch!!

Kiril, and then Triton as next blue. Triton compliments Kiril well.

Also give ranger emblems to Triton when you max him, Triton has the firepower to function as a 5* sniper until you get the mats to actually max one.

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In my honest opinion you need to focus on Kiril first. Put emblems on him and you won’t be disappointed.
Good luck

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I plan to use the ranger emblems on Tibertus… you think Triton deserve the ranger emblem more?
Do i go with defense route for Triton or should I go with ATK? I can see both way… super glass canon or make it a bit more defensive and can take 1-2 hit before dead…

Triton was the first hero I got fully emblemed. Back then and also now there aren’t too many rangers in my roster that are worth the emblems. I would choose Tiburtus, though. Def downers are very important. Tiburtus is great and currently in my purple team. With costume he is even better. He might even get Tritons emblems one day, when I don’t need Triton longer in my blue team.

Triton is a nice sniper though. I chose mostly the defensive path, cause I felt he just died to fast without emblems. But since he is a sniper, attack boost makes sense, too. It depends on what you prefer, really hard to say which path is generally better in this case.

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Tibertus is a great hero and I don’t like emblems to sit there, so I’d definitely emblem him now and find a way to work Triton into your emblem plans once he gets there.

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