Frida Talent Grid

Hey y’all!

I just maxxed Frida and I am planning to use her as a flank. What do you suggest to prioritize in her talent grid?

Thanks for any help you can give :slight_smile:

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Offense/Defense route.

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I went this route and use her as flank too, I think I should have gone with defense in first step, not sure.

She serves me well in this lineup.

Go to the path where it increases your defense and attack. By doing so, you will greatly optimize the Protect talent as it is defense-based.


Interesting you are using Jack O’Hare on your team! I have him at 3-60 but sees very little use outside of farming 8-7 and war.

How do you like him? Does he pack a big punch maxed out? Any tips for him or reasons why i should ascend him further? I’ve never seen anyone have him on their main team and maxed out

Question wasn’t directed at me but, I’ve put some emblems on Jack O’Hare too. I think he’s better than what I read on the forum reviews. I still use him in my defense because I don’t have a green 5* yet. He probably does well there.

In offense he gets his ■■■ kicked by 5* heroes sometimes but he can fire his special at least once, and he does same damage as Skittles who is a slow hero. His tile damage is very good, especially after giving him emblems.

Grimmforest has lots of red monsters but it was the first event where I placed high in epic difficulty thanks to my two Jack. My team at that time was Jack 4/70 +11, Jack 4/11 (?), Caedmon +4, Skittles +1, and Wu +7.

In short, he’s pretty good. Ascend him if you have the mats :+1:

I like jack a lot. Emblemed he hits a bit like azlar, justice and all the slow 5stars all-hitters, but at a reasonable speed. I dont care about his def down, he’s there to hit once and emblemed he doesn’t go down by one sniper hit. Beside defense he’s pretty good for fitting challenge events etc. Have red hood and Gregorian, but emblems will probably stay on him, so fitting that ranger skill :grinning:

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I’ve seen most ranked players that use Frida on defense have gone the health offense route (1441 health, 723 defense). That’s kind of the opposite of what was advised here. I do understand that she gets the most out of her special with higher defense so I’m wondering what all these ranked players are seeing that I’m not.

She’s my tank for now so trying to figure out what talents to improve (probably different than flank?)

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Always remember what her main skill is. It is the color debuff that provides more damage for the rest of her blue allies. The longer she survives the higher the chance she gets to fire.


I’ve got the same question. Just finished leveling Frida and looking to emblem her. Any thoughts on which way to go with her from anyone who has been using her lately?

Defense path due to her being paladin



Where the hell did you go???

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