Frida or Vela?

My current blue rotation consists of:

  • Athena
  • Richard
  • Miki
  • Kiril
  • Sonya Costume
  • Triton

I was pretty much set on Frida because of synergy with Athena, Richard, and Kiril, and her titan effectiveness. However, every time I face Vela I second guess myself. If I don’t have a cleanse ready she just decimates me with the DOT.

Another major factor is that I can allocate all of my druid emblems to Vela. Paladin emblems are already spoken for.

Neither are under current consideration for defense team.



Vela is a better defensive hero than Frida, Frida could do her job even at 3.70 while not against 11* titans or higher.

For events Id say that Frida is better, even if Vela’s crit chance is very nice.


Vela was so underrated by the Community; but she’s a great Hero my friend, and you’ve experimented! :wink:
I flanked mine to Kunchen: def down+DOT; and my DEF win/loss ratio has significantly increased.
I love Frida, and she’s a must for Titans; but Vela is the Hero you’re always searching for…for all!


Frida: if your focus is on titans and events. Kiril+Athena+Frida+Miki is a dream combination for titans.

Vela: if your focus is on raids.

Both of them have to be maxed, but if I were you, I’d go with Frida first.


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