Frida not debuffing Mitsubishi!

Just played a raid against a red mono team I hit Mitsubishi with Frida & her reflect stayed there!!! I thought this was fixed??? I know in version 25 it was changed but it says ‘ Although Frida’s “Polar Bash” skill dispels buffs, she cannot dispel Mitsuko’s “Mirror of Flames” because her reflect buff blocks negative effects. But a dispel isn’t a negative effect is it? It just brings a hero back to parity so how can a dispel be called a negative effect??? That’s just crazy???

You mean, Mitsuko? She reflects all blue offensive skills. To dispel her reflect, you must use non-blue dispelling heroes.

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Sorry guys!! Didn’t even check my spelling!!! Damn predictive text!!! The way I see it surely dispelling isn’t a negative effect. It just takes the hero back to parity.

You must have hit the Outback; next time, try on the Mirage; it’s way weaker!

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It works as intended. Even Snow White, another blue hero, could not remove her reflect.

Meanwhile, blue Rangers like Finley and Alasie could pierce through Mitsuko’s blue reflect, and Cobalt bypasses it completely on third charge.

As I have mentioned earlier, dispelling her reflect requires using a non-blue dispel hero.


Fortunately they are now friends



Its works as intended, as others mention.
Same effect, when using costume viv against Ursana’s holy mirror.
Those are mirrors, only be pierced by the colours they are reflecting. Debuff effect reflects first with the negetive stacks. Costume Viv defence down reflects back from ursena holly mirror back to viv as well.

Ha!!! Luv it!!!

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