Frida is dispelling Mitsuko's color reflection

Frida is dispelling Mitsuko’s color reflection ability, Mirror of Flames. This shouldn’t happen, when Sonya dispels, it does NOT dispel Mirror of Flames, it reflects it back at her team. Frida’s power should work the same.

This actually comes up a LOT, since Mitsuko was basically designed to counter characters like Frida.

A dispel is neither damage nor a status effect. Therefore it shouldn’t be reflected.

Sounds like the bug is that Sonya’s dispel is reflecting.


That is odd.


This should have been fixed:


Mitsy’s buff should reflect the damage first and then getting dispelled by both, Sonya and Frida.


Sorry but that’s not how that works. Sonya does actually dispel Mirror of Flames.

The following is exactly what happens:

  • Sonya fires, mirror of flames reflects the damage back
  • the dispel removes the blue SS reflect buff

Video proof:

The only thing that isn’t a status effect but is still reflected (for some reason) are mana cuts.

Frida getting the damaged reflected back at her but still dispelling the buff is working as expected.


I was sure that Sonya’s dispel was reflected back by Mitsuko as well.
I lost so many raids because once Mitsuko fired, i would keep my blues specials waiting for her reflect to stop :scream:
Thanks for this topic, i learned something very important for my blue stack. :hugs:
I won’t have to reroll when i see Mitsuko :rofl:


Initially it was.

According to the Devs it was a “bug”. Whether is was a “bug”, or a nerf, it now gets dispelled or removed.


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OK, maybe the dispel didn’t reflect, I saw the damage graphic and just assumed both happened.

OK it’s working as expected, the dispel should work after damage reflection, thanks.

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I remember that Atomos buff won’t be dispelled by Caedmon if the damage kill Atomos first thus allowing him to ressurect.

I wonder if the same thing happen with Mitsuko-Frida, will Mitsuko’s buff be dispelled if Frida die due to the reflect considering the dispel is done after the damage?

I don’t remember what the interaction look like with riposte.

@Easysteps did the Frida die or alive after her attack?

Frida died as expected. So did Sonya.

I would have thought that dispel is also a status effect, since it actually removes status effects. Frida and Sonya are actually doing something to us, you’d think it would be reflected also.

But it’s working how they want.

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A of Version 25.0.1, Reflect buffs now block dispels:

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