Frida... Hit points don't make sense

I have Frida maxed with two emblems. But her total hit points are actually less than her statistical hit points. Doesn’t take D into consideration? Makes no sense. 1330 HP with 741 D and her actual health is only 1323??? Am Iissing something?


Pictures please. Ty
Not a mod

Definitely need screenshots.


1323 in war, 1330 on card.

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Definitely need to report this

How? Isn’t this how I do that?

Don’t expect a reply for a day or 2 tho .

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Done… They are closed for the weekend too… We’ll see

Isn’t it possible that someone did a total fail hit against you and frida was wounded for a few hit points, so that the health bar still seems full but it isn’t?


Nope. Haven’t been hit at all. I noticed this as I was leveling her too.

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Strange… Is she on your raid defense too? Upload a pic of her on your raid defense, for us to see if it matches this one… are you 100% sure you haven’t been attacked?

This guy on the screenshot got hit a little? The green bar looks not full like at Mother North and on the screen I send you can see it‘s 1330 (+36 from talent).

I have reported it. I can tell you with 100% certainty that she has not been touched. I have noticed it over time. Besides… how could a wing have minimal damage and the tank and flank haveno damage at all?

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Did you by chance finish maxing and embleming Frida after you initially set your war defense?

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I did. But even now there is no difference. Her total health is less than her actual hitpoints

I think the bar may be frozen showing the value she was at when the initial war defense was set.

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If you go to the battlefield and select info on any team you will see that these figures are often different. Sometimes the score is higher than stated on the card and sometimes it’s lower. On any team at least 1 or 2 of these figures will differ. So either there is a widespread bug or that score is reflecting more than just hp.

The health shown on the bar includes healthboost from crittroops already. That‘s why the points differ for every hero with crit troops.

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