Frida Avg but Evelyn & Panther Fast?

So I have a question about frida. Evelyn and panther are fast with similar stats. Why is it that frida is avg and the others is fast. Shouldn’t she also be a fast hero?

Not Staff but, my guess would be due to the difference in damage:

Frida = 290%
Evelyn = 210%
Panther = 210%

So Basically Frida picks up an addtional 80% damage for 2 additional tiles to charge (or 1 ghosted tile).


Purely speculation, but maybe she was made Average to not completely overshadow King Arthur who is also Average.



Apart from what @Guvnor has pointed out, contrary to your claim, they actually have different stats:

FRIDA: Attack (733), Defense (723), and Health (1330).
PANTHER: Attack (786), Defense (630), and Health (1349).
EVELYN: Attack (727), Defense (712), and Health (1355).

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That could be a factor. Thanks groot

tis 6 okt. 2020 kl. 07:51 skrev I Am Groot via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <>:

Tbh but imo she does. Maybe titans is the only place that he beats frida. But I wouldn’t max him for titans when I have frida maxed

tis 6 okt. 2020 kl. 07:59 skrev IgH via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <>:

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Well they do but nothing emblems can’t fix

tis 6 okt. 2020 kl. 08:00 skrev Ultra via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <>:

emblems can be used to get them to similar stats… but then one actually has to have - and use - the emblems first.

that’s why base stats form a more apples-to-apples comparison. Frida and Evelyn aren’t too far apart, but Panther’s stat distribution is quite different.

Good question though, and I wondered that myself before. Looks like the damage % is the big difference between Frida and Evelyn, at least.

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Summarizing a few points above, and elaborating:

  • Better damage % than Evelyn, plus immunity to attack ailments
  • Not squishy like Panther, added element link and immunity

I think Evelyn is a better overall hero, because mana speed trumps Frida’s advantages. More of a toss-up when compared to Panther. But those are the reasons.


think it’s the combination of what guv said and what you said as well

more damage than panther & evelyn to compensate for average mana

they wanted her to be average mana to keep event summon portal appealing for those who didn’t get frida when she was more widely available


And, more importantly, why do they release another average-speed hit-3 blue (Glenda), after Athena, Richard and Frida. Seems like a missed opportunity to create a Drake-like, Evelyn-like, Panther-like blue hero… which are all fast.

Misandra? Mehh…

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lepus and finley are both fast & good though…just not common

I’ve used Frida quite a lot , and, with a few emblems levels put into her now, she is quite nastyyyy in battle :slight_smile: her immunity to attack downs has been the best part of her kit for me, and puts her above panther which i’ve also emblemed.
Don’t have Evelyn so can’t confirm how they compare. o:
But Frida’s defence up for allied blues vs greens > Evelyn’s miner health recover for allied greens. imho.

I’m still relatively sour that they chose to make an elemental defense debuff for blue on top of King Arthur instead of making a 5* elemental defense debuff for yellow or red.

Here we are, years later, still using Falcon and Jackal.

All blue elemental def down are avarage including Nordri :sweat_smile: :wink:
Blue: Avarage
Red: Avarage
Green: Fast (including Almur)
Purple: Fast
Yellow: Very fast, but only effect to 1 enemy :worried:

Bears are slower than panthers but have stronger claws.

When I get hit by Evelyn I´m hurt, When Frida hits me I rarely survive.

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