Friar Tuck worth leveling?

Currently I have Sha Ji in use, should I level Friar Tuck? My SH is at level 14 and I am aiming for 20. I have three 4* heroes, rest are 3* that I am using. Just have had bad luck getting a new healer. I am not convinced about Friar Tuck so what to do? I am f2p.

You’re in a really bad spot.

My GF used Friar Tuck as her main healer in the beginning of the game. He’s decent but not quite a healer. Your best bet will be to make the most use of your free summons in an attempt to summon an actual healer like Belith or Hawkmoon. Here are some tips:

I consider that Friar Tuck is worth leveling if you have nothing else, especially in the green section of heroes, which are harder to obtain when you start the game. Heck, I myself was stuck with a fully ascended Needler for quite some time in the beginning, being unable to find (summon) something better instead. And Friar Tuck’s attack when fully leveled & ascended is +100 compared to Needler, his defense is even higher in comparison, meaning he will hit harder with green tiles and will be harder to kill.

Currently have a fully ascended and leveled Friar Tuck on a side account and he’s decent battle-wise, so I can speak from experience.

Having a good healer is nice, but not essential in the beginning of the game since most fights can be navigated without a healer if you time them right (compared to your party levels). And for the harder fights, especially quests you want finished you can always use (minor) healing potions. Yesterday for example Friar Tuck’s team of rainbow all 3* fully leveled managed to get the compass at Farholme Pass without that much trouble and without another healer present.

If you so desperately need a green healer, you could always put gems in the green elemental portal, and gems are available if you are F2P. Although not abundantly, you should be able to accumulate 300 gems from various sources at an average pace (Path of Valor comes to mind, also the free VIP pass).

Then there’s the Costume event, with keys being pretty available to a new F2P player. All you need is lvl 18 and wait a bit for the event to occur to try to pull a healer + costume out of the portal. In addition, you can get Friar Tuck’s costume which turns him into a healer as well!

Sha Ji sadly isn’t very good and I’d consider replacing him with any 3* hero and win your battles without a healer, but with the use of minor healing potions whenever need be instead.

If you have trouble winning a battle without a healer, you can elaborate which battle, also what team you have + levels and I will try to be of some help.

And remember - even though it’s nice to have a healer, it’s not necessary to win battles.


If you have absolutely nothing else, and you have a constant flow of green feeder hereos - why not? Same goes for Sha Ji. None of them are heroes I would ever, ever level. Not even for yellow/green 3* tournaments.

Do you have any other green 3* available? Or yellow?

Yes I have other green 3* heroes, but Sha Ji is my only healer and I would like to get rid of 2* heroes in my team (Sha Ji is the last one). Today I pulled Friar Tuck from free summon. What I meant was is Friar Tuck worth leveling or should I wait for another healer I might get from TC13 (or TC20) some day. I wouldn’t say I have constant flow of green feeders because I only train TC1/2/11 for feeders.

My answer: no, even with costume. You are better off using Belith with or without costume and Grevle. I like the latter the most because when he is emblemed, his defense stat goes to 721, the most of any 3* hero I’ve seen so far.


If you make a Yellow team with Costume Kailani, and want to include a healer, then Friar Tuck has no anti-synergy with your team unlike Costume Hawkmoon and Grevle while still adding some punch unlike Belith. So, yeah, he does have his combo.

Would you use this combo for a 3* tourney? For a Challenge Event stage? Not sure how worthy it is, but it is there.

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Maxing 3* is cheap. U will need him to fill ur roster for war. Go ahead and max him.

But for the long terms after u got more hero, he will be collecting dust.


Collect valhalla coins from S3 map, if you can not get Grevle or Belith in this month, level Friar Tuck.


I have serious doubts he can go any long in Valhalla stages…


Sure. If you have the feeders. Another consideration is that he is a monk so he’ll give you a healing option for the Trials of Justice. I was using him as my healer for those trials until I got the costume for Boldtusk (read as, for a very long time). There may be better healers out there, but 3* heroes are relatively easy to level up, and at the start, you’ll want to build up your roster depth for wars anyway.


I think that @sateenvarjo, being F2P, has no easy access to Belith or Grevle. Obviously they are superior, but they are also out of the question.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I agree on that too. But by the time @sateenvarjo has the richer roster, Friar Tuck would have paid for his investment on multiple occasions.

Absolutely true. You need every 3* or above leveled until you hit 30 such heroes. After that you can start to be picky about who to level up, but as a fellow F2P I know that in the beginning everyone is needed. I even still keep my maxed Layla and Needler two-stars only for wars because I still don’t have 30 3* and 4* leveled up.


The training from TC13 and TC20 is way way too far ahead in the future and very unreliable if you want to get a specific hero or type of hero. You could theoretically train a healer within the next three months, then again you could not get a single one even if you already have TC13 (or TC20). Even your best bet for a healer - the green elemental portal - might as well not produce one even with 20 pulls.

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Well, that may be true. But the thing is, as long as you summon either by using free pulls or by gems, you will be bound to get any or both heroes as they have the higher chance of being summoned. Belith may even be drawn using gray tokens or from the Training Camp. But if the player will be here only for a couple of months, then by all means, ascend Fire Truck, including his costume if any.

If I understand correctly from the above threads, Belith is way superior than Friar Tuck? I’m trying to cut down the number of my green 3* heroes to 5 and I’ve got carver, friar tuck, brienne, isshtak x2 and belith, none of which are maxed yet. Should I use Friar Tuck as a feeder then?

Of those, the friar is worst. But I don’t think two Ishtak is much use either, so one of those is expendable

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I never understood why people need to limit the amount of heroes. Roster space is relatively cheap and every hero has some use. I don’t know what the rest of your heroes are, but I’m assuming mainly 3* heroes. Of course, this is coming from the viewpoint of someone who likes to collect and hoard heroes.

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I’ve got 5 4* and 1 5* but yes my teams are mainly made up of 3*. I guess i try to limit cos so many heroes make my roster so messy lol. I’m f2p so spending gems always comes with a slight wince, even if they’re worth it. Which would you recommend to level up first then out of all those greens i mentioned? I guess friar tuck isn’t a priority?

I agree that Tuck is worth leveling, he is better than nothing when starting out.

His costume makes him much better, in my opinion. Still not the best heal %, but at least he heals and mana buffs all. I still use my Tuck with costume in 3* Events and Raid Tournaments.

@bamboosymphony , Belith is generally better than Tuck because she heals with a greater %, and she heals/dispels all. Tuck in base form only heals/buffs self and adjacent.

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I think you should take a day and think about the advice you are getting. You have to keep Belith, Brienne and Carver (who is no slouch either). Isshtak is kind of take him or leave him but I have one too, I also have a Friar and have used him maybe twice?? I just keep one around so I have zero effort feeding away his clone brothers.

Ohh, the other thing is that spending on roster space with gems is a worthy use of them and far cheaper than the heroes that occupy those spaces. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am f2p and the main thing I spend gems on is roster space. The other is speeding up the raid chest so I can fill it 2 to 3 times a day.

If it comes to priorities, I would say Belith, Brienne (useful for titans early in the game), Carver (mana control), Friar Tuck (probably your only monk), and Isshtak.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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