Friar Truck useful?

Is Friar Truck useful in the team ? How’s about his potential ? How’s his strength ?

All depends on context…
Is this your only green hero above 2* or already have 4x5* hero in green?

In general: for a 3* team he is not bad at all and sure use if you do not have better green or other healers.

I would suggest that Belith and Hawkmoon are superior as they heal the whole team.

Belith has a despell too, which makes her by far the best 3* healer.


Friar Tuck’s main advantages are his high attack and defense stats as well as mana generation boost, which are mitigated by his healing of only 3 heroes and medium health stat. Depending on the situation, he can be quite useful (when you don’t need a dispeller, and flank him with low defense/health and/or slow mana heroes).

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Friar truck? Gotta be a big ol’ 18 wheeler. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


IMO, Friar Tuck has one use: a tasty snack for some useful hero. But if you’re not getting many heroes, then having a healer is better than NOT having a healer.

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Ha ha ha I think so.

But the good thing is the nearby Allies’ health can go over the bar. So you end up with MORE health.

When did Friar Tuck become a overhealer?? Have I neglected 3* heroes that much??

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

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Useful if your dying and want your last rites!


I have no idea, either! I know his costume heals all, but maybe I’ve missed something also.
Why are we reviving this thread after almost 6 years?? :rofl:


He’s an overeater, not an overhealer.

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