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There was no Halloween event last year.


ok. danke

20 asdasdfdfsf

But you can try to typ what there will be… and i think you will be really surprice

i think you will have some gems… 20 maybe 30… and if we are lucky maybe a 3 star rare ascension… although i kind of really doubt it

or could be different from player to player as per how many offers you bought :slight_smile:

Previous calendars had really…weird free gifts. Summer Event had some crafting materials and arrows (?) in the first free offer and 3 flasks in the last.


Maybe some golden token? :wink:

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keep dreaming :smiley:

20 dasdas

Why not? :smiley: More optimism please.

mY BIGGEST bet is: 50 gems + 1 sturdy shield :smiley:

That is dreaming. If it goes along with the previous it won’t even be close.


Ok, we will see. What I win when I hit? :stuck_out_tongue:

“the previous?”

20 chars

just hit it. we will all win; you included :smile:

Okey, so from now everyone keeps their fingers crossed for me :smiley:

but i think you have a point to give free a chance for a troop token (lets stay)… chances to drop a 4* are less than giving you gems or rare asc item…

previous as in the Easter event calendar I was referring to.

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Something you can craft or gain by farming the map. Nothing more.

3* or 4* mats? Golden token? Forget about it. Boots or chainmail shirt perhaps… ? Something not so valuable.

Sorry for being so pessimistic but this is the way game has acted from the start.


Having low expectations is key in not being disappointed so the pessimism is healthy imo