📯 Freya – Season 3 Hero – 5* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I didn’t think it was too harsh. Suggestions from Beta players regarding Freya were completely ignored . It resulted in a really poor version of her being released.

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I got her from tokens and really don’t know what to think about her. Tried her in a dark team with maxed Seshat and 1.01 LoTL and minions do go crazy with her crows, but I dunno…

Anyone got a good feeling about her? I’m in no rush, at 2 tabards. Have Kunch, Hel, Kage, Sesh, Vic maxed and Kage#2, Hel#2, Grimble, Dom and Oba on the bench along with Freya. Is she even worth taking to 3.70 in line for tabs (I never use 3.70 heroes)?

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I’m underwhelmed by her. You can take her to 3-70 and I may do so just to quick max her the next time beta opens and try her at maxed on various teams.

Well I’m not in beta… and I have no use for 3.70 heroes, don’t bring them up anymore if I don’t intend to max them.

I really want to like her just for the cool animation and novel idea, but only need heroes for war teams now and am picky. Will just sit back then and wait for reports here on how she goes :).

Raven Minion gives +120% attack to all its owner’s other Minions.
i thought the buff was for the owner.
In this case, she is a lot weaker than I thought initially.

Yes yes… we were waiting for Freya’s video… but… still low powered level…

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Freya + Kvasir + Stonecleave + Brynhild

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If you say she is “waste of space like Anzogh” she must be super useful. I run Anz everywhere where I need red legendary hero and prefer him over Grazul anytime, my only grievance is that my allt don’t have him too.

I would definitely level Freya should I manage to get her. Those minions are mean business.


Will those despised Grimbles and Gobblers be usefull after all? :upside_down_face:


With the release of Telluria won’t Freya have a great minion synergy with her? I was lucky to get both and am looking forward to trying that out and maybe add Seshat on other flank.


My exact same thought… it should be a real thread to go against bulky minions with high atk.


I’m leveling Grimble just in case. :joy:


You took the words right out of my mouth that synergy is going to be off the scale , I’m not sure why people in this thread assume every 5* hero should be top tier do all and be all . Freya is an top tier support hero , you’ve got to have as we go minion overload this season

Seems lika a great couple to me. I will try Telluria as tank and freya next to her.

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Over in the Telluria post you said you were hoping for Freya

What makes her the object of your desire? The meatshield at fast mana? Truly curious.

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Pretty much

Just for offense though

Would consider her for defense if i wasn’t already close to done with emblems and too lazy to redo them all

While I have duplicate Seshat and Ursena ahead of her in the queue, I’m pretty excited to max this hero out as well. Planning on using her with Inari in a 3-2.

Motivation being the fast meatshields and the decent defense buff - she seems like a solid support, which I often prefer to straight hitters.

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Think she’d be fun to use with the rabbit

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Don’t look at her as damage. She’s a secondary utility healer. She’s not a primary healer but she heals enough, and quickly enough, to push your team out of sniper range after a gravemaker or drake, especially with the def up. She bridges the gap nicely if you’re running Kunch still (though I’m still convinced that emblemed Rigard us better).

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