📯 Freya – Season 3 Hero – 5* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

With the release of Telluria won’t Freya have a great minion synergy with her? I was lucky to get both and am looking forward to trying that out and maybe add Seshat on other flank.


My exact same thought… it should be a real thread to go against bulky minions with high atk.


I’m leveling Grimble just in case. :joy:


You took the words right out of my mouth that synergy is going to be off the scale , I’m not sure why people in this thread assume every 5* hero should be top tier do all and be all . Freya is an top tier support hero , you’ve got to have as we go minion overload this season

Seems lika a great couple to me. I will try Telluria as tank and freya next to her.

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Over in the Telluria post you said you were hoping for Freya

What makes her the object of your desire? The meatshield at fast mana? Truly curious.

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Pretty much

Just for offense though

Would consider her for defense if i wasn’t already close to done with emblems and too lazy to redo them all

While I have duplicate Seshat and Ursena ahead of her in the queue, I’m pretty excited to max this hero out as well. Planning on using her with Inari in a 3-2.

Motivation being the fast meatshields and the decent defense buff - she seems like a solid support, which I often prefer to straight hitters.

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Think she’d be fun to use with the rabbit

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Don’t look at her as damage. She’s a secondary utility healer. She’s not a primary healer but she heals enough, and quickly enough, to push your team out of sniper range after a gravemaker or drake, especially with the def up. She bridges the gap nicely if you’re running Kunch still (though I’m still convinced that emblemed Rigard us better).

Freya is only 2/19 here so the attack damage will go up…but in the end the 10 attack minions hit Alby for 223 of just Minion damage. Also, very useful when Kunchen cast Defense Down on all then she overwrote with Defense Up on all.


I do not understand Freya special:

  • Raven Minion gives +120% attack to all its owner’s other minions.
    When her special up. I check the other hero and did not see any attack increase. I try to put mother North together with her but do notice anything different.
    Could someone help explain something I missed.
    Appreciate in advance.

Gives 120% attack to owner’s MINIONS not to owner. This may be your misunderstanding. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely, though I admit to being in the minority in the court of popular opinion on this matter. Freya is yet just one more reason to level Grimble or Gobbler. Her fast mana and synergy with other minionators make her no joke. I look forward to pairing her with the likes of Delilah, Boots, Telluria, etc…

If we analyze Freya individually, she will not be an above average heroine. In fact, maybe a little below. But when we take into account her synergies with other minion summoners, the scenario changes completely.

I tested it with Telluria and the result went far beyond my expectations. The union of the two not only provides extra protection for the team, but also causes significant extra damage to opponents. Because it is fast, in a few moments the scene is full of minions, resistant and that cause significant damage.

I am testing it with Inari and then I will do the same with Delilah, Seshat, Red Hood, MN and Santa. But the result with Telluria has already excited me a lot.

I believe that the analysis of Grimble’s usefulness will be considerably improved.


Goodness! I will have to keep this in mind now! I wanna see Freya + Telluria in action, too! Thank you for this info! :grin:

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Yes, Telluria and Freya are very good together.

I guess I’ll finally have some use for the Captain of Diamonds if they become a popular duo


Anyone tried her with Inari? The fox minions already hit hard, and I’d imagine would be doing something like 100+ damage / hit.

And the two of them would make for an interesting defensive paring.

I’m testing her with Inari. But it is still at a very early stage. Once I’m done, I’ll post my impressions. With Telluria, Freya is fantastic.

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And this is strange, because ahe doesn’t power up her own minions

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