Freya Does Dmg on Special

Freya First special does 200dmg to 1 enemy when in hero card it dosent say that it should do dmg. After round end minions do dmg. Same goes for second special. But in second as expected minions do more dmg which is fine but no clue why Freya do dmg on special active.

Screenshots…? or better, video?

Play against Freya pretty well every alliance war and have never had this happen.

Just to upload video on site. She does dmg then minions does too. But when minions stack dmg on same target dmg is separated. I think at first its same minions hit twice one target but then minions stack show dmg one on top of another

The animations overlap, but what actually happened is that Master Lupus did a slash attack on Alfrike, while Freya’s animation was going on at 16-17 sec mark. Just watch him during the animation and you’ll see he does a slash.


Yup this. Followed by a couple minion strikes.

Nice sleuthing!

It really is Freya’s fault though for having so much… stuff… happening all over the screen when her special goes off

Pretty much. I imagine most of the newer specials do have a lot going on.

Yeah didnt see that sneaky attack my bad. :slight_smile:

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