Freshen up the game with some minor UI and Functionality improvements

I haven’t seen any new UI improvements over 1 year of playing the game, which is quite lazy.
You need to keep the game fresh and interesting by updating (fixing) the artwork, improving the UI and functionality in the game.

Probably you won’t even read that, but here are some ideas for efficiency and player satisfaction.

  1. Pulling from TCs

Problem: You have an option to press a button to Collect from inside the TC, but if you press the outside Hero icon over the TC by accident (happens a lot with TCs cluttered together and you try to navigate the map by sliding) you may end up filling your rooster with heroes when you don’t need them (4* or 5* that won’t be ascended any time soon or full roster when you don’t have food or heroes to ascend).
Solution: Just add a confirmation message before pulling the heroes

  1. Multiple taps to pull all heroes until filling the roster.

Problem: Tapping 20-30 times over the screen each time in order to fill you roster may damage the device screen, it’s not pleasant tactile feeling, and it takes unnecessary time. Nobody, I believe is excited to be presented with each random 1* and 2* heroes individually and then to see the summary window.
Solution: Just skip the individual tapping and hero presentation and head straight to the summary window. If you wan’t to be cool, you may ask how many heroes do you need to pull. By just few options you spare us a lot of tapping - this is not workout!

  1. Roster sorting.

Problem: Sorting by Power gets damped by the heroes currently in the team slots, which is not accurate Power sorting. The same applies for the other sorting options.

Solution: Just sort by Power as it says. I can still see if a hero is in a team by the indices above it.
If you want to be cool you can add more sorting options for player’s satisfaction (you have plenty of space in that sort menu), like Rarity, Class, Attack, Defense, Health you name it or combinations of them.

  1. Team Selection

Problem: Only for Android users - you have to slide over the heroes or troops in order to select a team, which accidentally can turn into tap. So instead of selecting your team you end up refreshing your memory on the tapped hero card. Sometimes it doesn’t register either tap or slide.

Solution: Add a strip only for sliding an selecting teams - there is enough space for that. Or simply fix the interfering tap by listening for sliding event more intelligently.

  1. Game speed.
    This is my favorite request, so I am sure you will listen.
    Can you add 2x or 3x game speed up option. Meaning all in game timing and animations!! are sped up - 2x or 3x. I am too familiar with the same but different color specials animations I am just getting tired of them and the flickering and flashing exposure is becoming too much on my eyes.

  2. Beginners Game Tutorial Icons and useless loot icons in the left top corner.
    Please, give us an option to hide them. Very useful the firs week! After that - just a pimple on my…“What was the damage on the guy behind them? Who knows?”,
    “What flew into those tiny chests? Who cares?”

Thank you for giving me the the opportunity to write to you.

I hope to see those features in the future even like bugs :slight_smile:

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