Frequent offers for alliance members

I’ve bought offers before wherein you purchase gems,all alliance members received the same. Can Small Giant have this offer monthly or once every 2 months? Also, not just gems but emblems or tokens perhaps. Thank you

I think they bring out enough a year to keep it reasonable as f2p and c2p could be more inclined to either spend or spend more,
But I do like the idea of maybe switching gems to emblems event tokens, maybe choose between them when the offer is on.

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i believe for this year,the gem sharing,it was offered twice.i hope SG would make it quarterly or perhaps once in every 2 months if monthly is impossible.

Off the top of head there’s always the valentine offer and two spread out for the rest of the year. So a 1/4 would be Feb, June, October and back round to feb if it starts at valentines.
I do like the shared gems deal, there many pro and cons threads about them.

The only offer I bother spending money on. :laughing:

Think it’s Valentine’s and Christmas there’s a definite offer. Been ages since the last one, I feel.

exactly.they should offer it more often.more people getting happy

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