Frequency of yellow titans?

Hi, everyone! My alliance has been facing a fair amount of yellow titans lately (seven of the last 16 titans were yellow; almost all 14*). Our titan score is 110659. Anyone else fighting this many yellows? It would be nice if the RNG broke up the monotony a bit.

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This is just random. One year back I did track titans for my alliance. Over a period of 2 weeks every second titan was purple…so really 7 out of 14 were purple.

Two consecutive normal titans can not have the same color.

Rare titans follow a prediscribed color rotation which is independent from normal titans.
Rare titans replace normal titans.

So if you have 2 or 3 times the same color of titan there must be a rare one in between.

Last week we had 3 yellow in a row:
normal rare normal

To answer your question: No it is random… may be unlikely but random.

As with everything, it’s completely random. We’ve had pretty long runs of specific colors as well.

It’s random but normal to happen… from time to time, our alliance does get a certain color titans more often than the others too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll have to disagree here… on many occasions we had 2 even 3 consecutive titans of the same color. It can happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was just about to post the same disagreement. Just recently happened to us. Two consecutive normal 10* red titans followed by the ancient tiger, also 10*.

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The tiger doesn’t count, as it’s not a normal Titan. But I’ve seen back to back normal of the same color; they have been different FLAVORS of that color (eg - Onyx Dragon and Chaos Spider). I think that’s the qualifier.

The tiger was the third of the red titans consecutively appearing in our alliance.

Yes, but rare titans are on their own rotation. What you get before or after doesn’t impact what color rare you get.

Man, I was just reacting to this but @Magnifique beat me to it:

This was why I said:

Apparently, prior to the rare titan, we had two consecutive red titans.

And I literally agreed with back to back same color titans in the second sentence of my original reply…

That was why i only quoted up to 2:

I didnt include “even 3” as it was not our experience. See above.

Agreed @Magnifique although the blue buggers i hate but does seem to be pretty random although we had a green rare now another green but meh

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We went through a phase where 6 out of 10 titans were yellow, and another time every second titan was blue for two weeks - I loath blue. It was not a pleasant two weeks.

It really is random. Right now, the last 17 titans have all been non-blue - :heart: it!

I think this might be the case in chaining 14* titans. There is no variety in titans at this level, so we haven’t had the same type of titan one after the other.

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My alliance has killed five titans each of holy, dark, and ice in the last 20 titans. The holy and dark both include a rare titan each.

Excluding the rare titans, our most frequent titan colour is currently ice/blue. I loathe blue titans! :joy:

We chain 14* titans btw.

20 day Titan Summary
Ice - 5 Ice Giants
Holy - 4 Hydras + 1 Gryphon
Dark - 4 Spiders + 1 Harpy
Fire - 3 Fire Giants
Nature - 2 Colossi

My alliance has had 80% of our last 15 titans holy. For something that is suppose to be random it seems pretty consistent

Our last 30 titans (stringing 14*)-

Yellow - 13
Red - 4
Blue - 5
Green - 5
Purple - 3

Damn, that is too many holy titans. :scream:

No kidding, I hate them. Mostly because I don’t have Panther. :slight_smile:

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Another yellow titan… :roll_eyes:

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