FrenziedEye's first ever 'purchase'

Here’s an interesting question.

I used my Google Play Balance from surveys to buy the cheapest Cyber Monday deal (it worked for me @Shohoku79)

Am I now no longer allowed to be the Speaker of the FTP Rebellion?

Or should I be crucified for no longer being a true FTP


Wish I could tag everyone over at the rebellion


I dont know why I am tagged in this.?


It’s a slippery slope :wink:


Because my friend, depending on how you define FTP, I may no longer have a right to debate with you about FTP and P2P issues :joy: because I may have lost my status as FTP


Whilst I am not F2P (Although my bank account wishes otherwise) I would still consider you F2P.

This money didn’t come out of your regular paycheck. In fact, there is no paycheck. You did technically work for the money by answering surveys, but the funds go into your Google Play account and not your household account.

This is similar to F2P watching MV, getting gems and doing a pull. They worked for the gems by watching MV and they got gems as payment. Using those gems to pull a hero does not ding their F2P status, so neither should this.

Therefore, my vote is you have not broken your vow of F2P-ness!


You need to hire @LadySuzanne as your defense lawyer :thinking:


I’m pretty cheap a forum like here and there is all I ask :grimacing:


I’ve already paid your fees then if that’s the case, some more bonuses to come


I have a feeling what I didn’t think worked to cover entire transactions might have only applied to Play Store credits earned. If you have an actual $ balance on the account, then I think it should work like your situation. Credits do expire, but I wonder about the balances though, and if they do, ouch.

I haven’t been a true F2P in the purest form for a long time already, since I spent some promo credit that Google gave me in the past for gem purchases. Again, not my money, but all the same to SGG, it is still incoming $ flow from this account, no matter the amount (or the source for that matter).

You took surveys that you didn’t otherwise have to spend the time to take to build up trickles of money flowing into your balance. I mean, once you built up this balance, it is yours to do as you please, if you don’t play other games or mobile apps you spend this balance on, where else are you going to spend them, I mean, did you not do the surveys in the hopes of one day being able to use it in-game when a right deal comes along? Again, it’s not actual $ out of your bank account, but rather an investment of your time (time is also money, of course).

I would not be too harsh on yourself, my friend.


I still consider myself essentially f2p even though I have averaged just over $1/month in the game. I went 10 months before my first purchase, Rudolph’s gift last Christmas, which was a gift both to myself and to SGG for the game. A lot of my spending is on the gem offers that also gift your alliance mates.

I think the main difference is the attitude with which you make the purchase. Are you making it to get farther ahead in the game? I’m not, I don’t spend nearly enough for that. I don’t spend on summons (well, once - got me Kiril) or loot boxes.

Or maybe I need to turn in my Browncoat :money_mouth_face:

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I concider myself F2P, too.

Fun to Pay :rofl:


Bring a cross and crucify!! :joy: :joy: Just kidding :sweat_smile:

@FrenziedEye Well, you didn’t pay for anything. I agree with LadySuzanne, you worked hard for those gems. Still a f2p imo.



20 Fun to Play Characters!

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If this puts you out, I’m probably gonna be out soon. I’m up over $11 (USD) in credit from surveys. Watching the Christmas calendar closely for deals I might want (like a tabard for Sartana), but if nothing does it for me there, I’m probably going to use up a lot of my credit for Atlantis coins in January. I still lack Wilbur and Proteus, which is brutal, and long shot though it may be, getting Kunchen to tank for my Onatel and Poseidon flanks would be SCHWEET!

As a member in good standing (I hope) of the FTP Rebellion, I move to adopt @LadySuzanne’s reasoning concerning Google Play credit and FTP status as official Rebellion policy. Can I get a second?


@FrenziedEye I would definitely still consider you a F2P. Otherwise I would definitely not be considered as F2P because of this:


if i remember correctly, you said anyone who sympathizes with the FTP rebels, is friends. and i think you should continue


Please tell me which surveys you complete so that I can look them up?

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The app I use is called Google Opinion Rewards.


Ya that’s the one @GenieDee

For those that claim to still fall in the F2P category for only using Google Play credit- you technically could use that Google credit towards something else IRL… soooo once you earn that credit, you can argue it’s part of your personal funds that you are now choosing to invest into the game. It can go either way :rofl:.


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