French E&P player gathering event on May 2nd!

Dear gamers,

We - french E&P youtubers - are organizing an amazing Empires & Puzzles event on May 2nd !

Our goal is to regroup players from many different alliances in the game and create an IRL forum around our common passion for this game. The event will take place in the countryside around Lyon. Of course, we’re all inclusive and invite anyone who would like it to join us.

Who are we :

Pokeraph :

Opeth :

HatSchoom :

… and friends

Of course we would be grateful to have the support of small giant to help us with this event for example by helping us decorating the forum’s space.

Do not hesitate to contact through this forum or Line : pokeraph - HatSchoom - Opeth

Thank you very much


Sounds fantastic. Please post some pictures :smile::+1:

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