Freezing Ability for Thorne

Thorne needs some love. Add a freezing ability to his special! By freezing ability, I mean similar to what the winter event was like. For world map enemies/titans, he freezes their attacks for 3 turns but against heroes he freezes the tiles of the colors he hits and they require being matched to unfreeze before they can be used to attack. They unfreeze after 3 turns. Then he’ll actually be used by players and nobody feels screwed when they pull him.

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I think this is a good idea anyways. Any feedback?

very good idea, a small tune up is needed

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Just from skimming through the posts, as well as in game viewing for top leveled players, I do not see him being used very much.

For a 5* hero and a special ability where it contains the word “finisher,” just think it should be something more rather than a straight out above average damage, which might need heroes with defense debuff to maximize the effect, and the effect may be toned down if the enemy have any active defense buffs.

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Why can’t I heart this post?

And don’t reduce his damage output or stats to “pay” for this buff, Thorne needs a straight up buff especially with all the new, OP hotm and event heroes. Just make Thorne awesome and fun like he should be.

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As I got him twice from TC20 (lucky me?) I totally support the request to modify him in some way.

I see what you mean but I do not see how this is supposed to work when using him other then on a defense team. If you use him in (for example) a raid team the opponent has no tiles he can ‘freeze’. Can you explain how that would work then?

He would then freeze the opponent, preventing them from attacking for 3 turns.

Why not make him freeze 5 for 6 turns?
Seems legit.

I dunno… Maybe they seems overpowered? I guess it would need some beta testing.

Bump. Thorne needs some serious love. But more than anything I feel that the best way to buff thorne is to increase his max attack to 730-750 or so and then change his mana generation to “fast”.

that would make him a viable end game 5 star hero. That wouldn’t be Over Powered either because “Magni” has 793 max damage, does 420% damage to the target and buffs nearby hero’s defense by 63% and has fast mana regen.

Another option would be to add a secondary effect such as a +35% attack buff similar to Grimm or slow their mana regen by 40%

Either one of these solutions would bring Thorne back in balance with Magni and other highly desired blue 5 star heroes while not being too overpowered.

Also the new Blue 5 star hero coming in May also has over 700 damage has nearly the same stats defense and health wise as Thorne but also has fast cast time + hits multiple targest + heavily debuffs nearby enemies.

Thorne needs this… he’s so underwhelming.

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It’s worth noting that we only know the beta stats for the new blue HotM, Alasie, and that at least one person has said she’s been nerfed from those, so what we know is far from certain. Even if she’s still unchanged, she’s a HotM and those tend to be stronger.
I have yet to get Thorne myself, so I can’t really comment constructively on the hero as he stands.

Second this…

As he’s my only 5* and 1st 5* pull lol

And I’m pretty much using him for 4 stack but fed no other place in the team, quite sad… even changing his sod to fast would be better than now

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