Freeze during war attack

Freeze during war attack and lost attack energy.

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Нападение так и не произошло, хотя таймер войны работал, чат альянса был активен, соклановцам показывало что я в бою но это было не так

I have a solid wifi connections. The game froze after I was done beating the person and it showed I got a 0. So I lost a flag and got 0?!?!?!

Same thing just happensed to me. Game froze and kicked me out and then used my war flag without a chance to attack. So I lost a war flag.

And all other internet connections stayed working fine. Only Empire and Puzzles froze.

I also just had this happen, lost flag, screen went black, restart the game and it looked as if I was still in battle then came back with a loss.

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Second time I have reported this problem. At least once in 3 of last 4 wars an attack initiated with spinning silver circle but never went to the game screen. Game locks up and I must close app and re-open. When I do the attack shows it is in progress from war screen. Then it reports zero points and I lose the attack. PLEASE FIX!

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