Freeze costume choice in war team right away... please!

When the war starts, the present choice for costume or not gets frozen. It would be so much better if it froze right away, except when it’s manually changed within the war team itself.

I know this is not a bug btw, but the category is bugs and issues and it’s certainly an issue to me.

Let me explain. I am fortunate enough to have Vivica with costume. I have her standard in my defence team, both the normal one and in wars. But since Isarnia is also in there, I want Viv there without her costume.

Whenever I use her in attacks though (including titans, events and maps), I always have her IN costume and so she puts it on in my defence teams as well. For my normal defence team this is not a big issue. I’ll find out that she’s still in costume and change that. Worst thing that can happen is that I was attacked a couple of times, but when I change her the change will take direct effect.

For the war team however… I’ve found myself stuck with a Vivica in costume for the last ten wars in row! And that sucks! Each of the ten times I’ve repeatedly taken off her costume prior to the war, only to do an attack again and switch it back on. It doesn’t help that the only warning that the war will start is 24 hours in advance and that the start times are different on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And that they have changed when I changed alliances.

If the costume setting would freeze in the normal defence team as well, this would be even better, but the war team is the real issue.


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