Freeze at the end of titan battle

My game freezes under certain circumstances when titan battle is over. In all (2-3) cases I had to restart the game, but the hit was registered, so no big deal.

The circumstances are:
-the timer is close to zero
-I press auto-play

Last time I was also using some special when the timer was almost zero and I pressed auto-play while casting so this can also be a factor. Not sure if I was casting when it happened previous time.

Other than that I have no issues fighting titans and the game is stable for me.


This also happened once to me about 3 weeks ago. The circumstances were identical. I was switching to autoplay while the timer closed in on 0.
I also closed out the game and upon restarting I also noticed damage inflicted was already applied as well. This is a good post thank you for sharing! My suggestion is to not try any auto play within the final 10 seconds.

Boa noite,estava a atacar o titan quando o jogo actualizou.resumindo foi tudo abaixo perdi um ataque pois apareceu 0 de dano no titan.nao da para se fazer nada relativo isso???

Tire uma foto do 0 pontos e submita um ticket ao suporte. Algumas pessoas receberam um frasco de energia de aliança

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Desculpa xatear um pouco,mas,como faço isso consegues ajudar?

Also have had this happen as well exact same circumstances

Looking for a match at the end using auto play?

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