Freedom and feedback

Has anyone had issues expressing thoughts on this forum?

I would like all of your feedback.

There may be a bug.

It seems moderators are filtering Anything that may be a criticism.

Please positive comments only about your issues.

I’ve never experienced anything, not sure what you’re looking for?

That was a good start. Noted as neutral.

Hi Mate,

Just a FYI your comments haven’t been “filtered” or hidden or whatever. They have simply been moved to the pre-existing thread for that topic.


This thread (Raid formations analysis cont) was merged to this thread ([Master] 🛡 Alternate Defence / Raid Formations -- Feedback & Discussion Thread) a pre-existing master thread, for literally the purpose of discussions & feedback on the Alternate Raid Formations

This thread: Raid formation analysis was closed & unlisted as it was a copy of this thread (Raid formations analysis) which was also closed and unlisted due to there being pre-existing master threads for both the Alternate Raid Formations (Above) and Edd (🦹‍♂ Edd – 3* Dark/ Purple from League of Villains)

This thread (Titan mercs chat category) was merged into a pre-existing master request thread for the topic (Create Separate Chat Room for Mercs [MASTER])

So a suggestion may be to use the :mag: function to search for a thread which already exists for the topic you are wanting to leave your thoughts/ feedback/ criticism of.

Per the #forum-rules:

Instead we choose to merge threads so that the comments remain.

Now with all that said and explained, this thread will now be closed due to #forum-rules violations:

GL & Happy Gaming


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